New Home Hardware Opening

There was a rumour that today was going to be the opening of Home Hardware - Rupert Square.  Anyone out there heard anything?

Staff is in and setting up the store and training on the new system.  The goal is to try and be open for April 25 weekend, but are not announcing anything in case of delays. I took a peek WOW FACTOR … new floors new lights new everything all spruced up looks very nice. New owner seems nice as well, hope the service is better than before. I think it will be though as I know someone in Kelowna who works at the HH store there that he owns. Takes no crap and customer service is #1.

thanks for the update…  April 25th possibly

With regard to Home Hardware service.
I have bought very many things from Jerry at the present HH store, and have had nothing but the best of service from him and his staff. Obviously he couldn’t stock everything, but if he said he could get whatever it was that you wanted he did, and in the time he said he would!
His store was probably one of the better in town for service!

Sorry I meant the service from Philpott was bad not HH, Gerry was awesome.

Yes. In the Phi. Ev. store I found that in the last few years they had a ‘I don’t care’ attitude. Hard to believe they stayed in business as long as they did.
(Although i found the guys in the warehouse area generally pretty helpfully).

Pretty sad state of affairs, where as soon as you walk into a store the staff hides.  Not because its me rather a case of oh no we may have to work!

Yeah but the sad part is they kept anyone on who wanted to stay…
I only hope they change their ways under the new company and owner…
Hopefully lots of new blood will be there too…

I was told by a staff member from Philopit the only reason they were open was because of the outlying 1st Nations’ communities. They did big business with home renos etc in those communities.
Costco and Home Depot have a surprising amount of goods that are free delivery.
I’ll support HH if they give me decent service. I can put up with a 10-15% premium because of small market.
The freight cost stores try and nail me with doesn’t fly. They can make better deals with their freight companies. Anything we spent over $400, we got freight free. (I was in business for a time in Rupert). If they can send me a hard drive from California for free freight…or a guitar from Montreal for free freight?

the new store has hired a LOT of new people.  And the people whom I have met have all been really excited about the job and had nothing but good things to say about the staff, the store, and the boss.  Sounds like it’s going to be good!

Philpott Evitt was run by a insane asine board of directors. Staff were literally caught stealing and ALLOWED to stay@$@$@($. Ripping people off left and right. I believe in KARMA and it sure came back to bite the owners in the butt.  There were some good staff there and yes lots of old staff are hired back, but I think all the bad ones will soon be weeded out. Nice to see a new store.

Yes, the guy from Kelowna coordinating the setup and opening is named Brian.  They are planning a series of training courses which will include the new rental equipment department for such items as blown insulation.  Can’t wait.

Glad to see the mall has new ‘young’ manager…
I got so tired of how it was run, a fresh new way of thinking on how the mall treats customers and tenants should help.  The past approach of finding the public to be just in the way, made me avoid the place…  It was so arrogant and ignorant, best of luck to the new manager. 

The McWalters have done a great job attracting business into the mall, and sprucing up the place.  New double doors in the upper parking lot should be installed by the weekend! 

Fabricland will be having a temp location beside Carlton Cards for a few days pretty soon.  There are dates on the sign that was just put up today but I didn’t pay attention when I walked by.

Digital Printing, Salty Crab, and Royal Lepage are moved in and open, and a store at the bottom of the escalator will be open soon too!!  wheeeeeeeeee!!

Finally, I have my mall back. :cry:

The store by Fields at the bottom of the escalators is just supposed to be a Zellers “Bargain” type store like they had at X-Mas where Salty Crab is now but I thought that was what Fields was…Sort of  :neutral_face:  I bought a long-sleeved T-Shirt at Fields and hand washed it once, flat dried it, shrunk so bad, will fit my cat !!  I am glad Fabricland will be here for a bit, stock up on my quilting materials  :smiley:

Not to be a detractor of the local mall, but heralding the arrival of a store that only plans to stay for a short period of time ie: Fabricland, doesn’t exactly have the ring of confidence for the economic push of the city at the moment.

While it’s nice to see some of the spaces fill up, really it’s just moving stores from around town into one location, other than Fields and Home hardware there’s not much “new” in the mall yet… hopefully the tenants that weren’t named yet will be of interest…

fields has stuff that you can find at the dollar store and bargain shop or sally ann really .

the stores in the mall and 3rd ave should use velcro to put up their signs  :smiley:

home hardware they are paying employess a fraction of what they got at philpotts so you wont get any knowledgeable skilled people that have done renos or construction in the past to talk to there.  :frowning:

Decker you are WRONG about the wages. My friend worked for Philpott and just got hired back at HH for the EXACT SAMRE WAGE!

im going by a friend who was there and he was a long time employee and offered him a wage of $14 an hour when he was over $20 an hour. so no im not wrong maybe your friend was working for a lower rate of pay they are willing to pay