Mystery Menu Item

Only in Rupert!

can we guess where it is from ? my guess is la villa lol

Ooooh I can’t tell you that otherwise I know you would run right over there to order this delicious looking meal for lunch :smiley:. I couldn’t do that to you since my body is still rebelling after the 4 bites I had!

the new pasta from pizza hut that shit is crap lol

It would appear that other people may have received this meal before - i was baffled by it!

Looks like it coulda came outta a michelinas frozen food pack.

its only meat sauce with a couple noodles ive ordered it but sent it back b4 you can say cheque lol just lookedat it that was enough

Is that seriously from pizza hut?

yea they shouldnt sell anything but pizza and they have a hard time with that at the one in town here lol. oh and those boneless chicken wings lol


Yummy, right??? Mmmmmm! I always try to support local businesses and generally I won’t complain too much. I did send this lovely meal back to the kitchen and I’m sorry to say they didn’t even take it off the bill which is standard practice for any restaurant. It was my first and likely last visit to the restaurant. I really wanted to be able to report that the bad reviews of this particular restaurant were no longer valid but i can’t do that :frowning:

i wouldnt have paid they are crooks for making u pay lol

WTF yeah they are only a good place for pizza thats 4 sure, but i still prefer panago

Don’t you love the commercial where the chef tells them all the pasta came from Pizza Hut?
What kind of chef is that? A real French chef would be screaming “You stupid fokking Americans I cook my butt off and you can’t tell the fokking difference… I keeel you!!!”

haha yeah i just saw that commercial today lol

I’m scared to order out in Rupert! … EE82F29886

All but three “LOW” risk and you’re afraid to eat out in Rupert? Standards that high?

Hmm one operation was scolded for a potential adulterated state…

so who was the adulterer the potatoes, the meat or some nefarious vegetables lurking in the bins?

That wasn’t my point. 

I was referring to how that lasagna looked, and secondly I thought I’d just share that food health inspection link I found. 

Gotta admit it surely lacked a bit of heat.