Mystery Menu Item

That link hs been up for several years now. You should google some of the other towns and see what is what. I know for a fact that the Env Health Officer although based in Terrace is here at least 2x a week. Since Feb 6 he has been here daily. He is inspecting all food vendors at the ANBT.  Bad bad case of Norwalk Virus has hit the the tourney. Only thing that works to keep it at bay is to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with warm soapy water. Hand Sanitizer does not work against this virus.

Thanks for the advice with the Norwalk virus info, I just bought some hand sanitizer too; so I’ll take your word…scary stuff indeed. 

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I’m scared to order out in Rupert! … EE82F29886[/quote]

I remember seeing that link a year or 2 ago, good to see some restaurants move down to the ‘low’ rating since then.

Direct link, notice the restaurants on top:

Smiles Seafood Restaurant 113 Cow Bay Road   13-Jul-2007   High Greens and Beans 330 2nd Avenue West   13-Jul-2007   Moderate Lee & Ann Restaurant 636 3rd Avenue West   30-Apr-2007   Moderate New Moon Restaurant 628 3rd Avenue West   29-Jan-2007   Moderate No.1 Fast Food 208 - 500 2nd Avenue West   30-Apr-2007   Moderate Somerset Restaurant (Raffles Inn) 1080 3rd Avenue West   14-May-2007   Moderate West End Restaurant 610 3rd Avenue West   15-May-2007   Moderate Ziggy's Family Entertainment 316 3rd Avenue West   26-Jun-2007   Moderate [/quote]

Although its sad that 2 certain Chinese restaurants may never change.

I’ve worked at a certain restauraunt in town(voted best breakfast 2 yrs.ago)…even though they have a low rating, I’ve questioned some of people there if they have their food-safe. A burger that’s just about to go out, the bun falls on the floor but still get’s used, handling of raw chicken without washing your hands afterwards (uses a dry rag to wipe them,but won’t throw the rag in the rag bin to get it washed)…yeah…same with halibut, thawing chicken/steaks/halibut/burgers at room temp, leaving eggs out all morning near a steam table(they were cited for that at one time), undercooked poached chicken for the clubhouses don’t get thrown on the grill so as to be 100% certain it’s cooked. A friend of mine who works there told me she was sick for 2 days just after christmas after ordering a clubhouse, I don’t think she’ll be ordering from that menu anytime soon.

hmmm maybe ill think twice of going there now