Mt. St. Helens

Hopefully Mt. St. Helens blows up today!

Yeah…cause last time was so great… :unamused:

do u get your jollies off of a natural disaster?

Why are half the people in this forum so EMO?

Play the SIMs.

Caffeinated beer, anyone?

Fuck yeah, I hope it blows up and takes out a few churches while it’s at it!

Damn right.

What the hell does EMO mean anyways?


Your avatar is scary, Soggybot. Scary like a volcano.

Yeah, I’d like to take some pictures of it.


Caffeinated beer, anyone?[/quote]

I want to try a can of that. Buy me one on Ebay Eso.

Yea, scary, but the movie is funny! And, it is the Halloween month.


Uh… what?


What the hell does EMO mean anyways?[/quote]

If it means emotional… then how do people dress EMO and listen to EMO music??

its like punk, but gayer.

Maybe if your clothes were covered in little smiling faces. That would convey an emotion.