Msn shuting down 13 min

13 min till complete shut down

12 min to shut down

11 min to complete shut down.

10 minutes to complete shut down.

8 minutes to complete shut down.

3 min to complete shut down.

2 minutes to complete shut down.

1 minute people!!! Say good bye.

30 seconds

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1…

My MSNM is still running, they must not be shutting down the cool people.

Dont worry there working from the bottom of the list of most un popular people. Guess your at the top.

Ok, if all you’re going to do is contradict what I say and not carry out a legitimate argument, then I’m going to have to ask you to leave.

I had no intension of affeneding you then , But if it is ‘your’ site i will leave and no longer post.

Nomadic man is no more.

(cheers erupt from the many )

slightly bored were we?

Unambiguously bored.

Does anyone know anything about math?

The Nernst Potential formula for (x1) vs. (x2) density is:

n(x1)/n(x2) = exp (qu(x1)-qu(x2)/kT)


(Think of the 1’s and 2’s in subscript)

hmm, weird never even heard of that before. check google or something, what class is it for?

Hmm extra-cirricular project. It’s related to equilibrium potential, a thermodynamic thing. Google sucks for math equations.

what the fuck is routine maintenance anyway??

I have a hunch its the wonderful blue screen of death.