Movie Gallery closing?

came home today to a message on my voice mail saying to come and cash in credits by sunday as they are going into liduidation on monday

No more movie rentals in Rupert?


I don’t rent alot of movies but I do like to have them on occassion and I generally rent stuff that isn’t in that box at Safeway, it would be sad to see them shut down.  Another one bites the dust in Prince Rupert heh.

Not surprised at that one. They ended their power play thing last month and were having some serious problems getting a lot of the more popular recent releases ie: Invictus and such.

The American stores have been in bankruptcy petition for about two months now, so it was probably inevitable.

As for other movie rental places, there are a few around but not a lot of new releases.

Eastwind rents movies as does Henry’s B Y

thankyou…guess we will have to check out henrys…I try to avoid it cuz of the delicious ice cream…I have zero will power  :blush:

If this is true, it has to do with ALL Movie Galleries, not just ours.

The one here hasn’t had decent new movies for months, they told us about the bankruptcy but no mention of closing

hooray for downloading  :smiley:

Heard something about a hotel group being involved with the building.  Any truth?

Similar problem happening across Canada.  Must be the end of Movie gallery.

I had the same msg on my machine…it said "due to unforeseen circumstances movie gallery is liquidating all canadian stores and any power play points you have can be used as dollar value until Monday at 11pm, as of Tuesday we are starting the liquidation process"
Kinda figured this was in the process, I have not seen a new release in the store for a couple of weeks now.

WOW…well, I guess that one is gonna suck IF it is true… :frowning:  there goes another what…6 jobs?

The building housing Movie Gallery is owned by the same person that owns the Inn on the Harbour.  In case people have forgotten a couple of months ago the owner applied to City Hall to have the second floor of the building rezoned to be turned into apartment spaces.

Just talk to the manager everything for sale on Tuesday closing down all
stores in Canada.

WOW!!! JUST googled it…Not kul

time to buy some cheap games  :smiley:

I will be there with bell’s on on tuesday :smiley:

Just heard they’re closing here too. Friend bought new games for Xbox 30% off.

yeah closing all the movie gallery in B.C to try and keep the U.S movie gallery’s open B.C gets the shaft once again ha ha

Hold the “Press”  Check this out … story.html

Rupert is NOT on the list!!!

Thanks Sindicat for setting the record straight