Motor bike accident

Has anyone else heared?? There was an accident out there with the bike hitting the deer…that doesn’t sound to good to me :-S

Apparently it happened out by the camp ground. Deer and motorcycle collision.

  out where??

Yea. A good sized buck and a bike…the deer didn’t make it :frowning: dunno about the rider…bike sounds lkike it is a write off.

I drove by there earlier tonite…bike was being photographed by RCMP

bike was damaged but could possibly be fixable

there were alot of the little yellow evidence number markers on the ground

So sad about the deer and I certainly hope that the rider is OK.  Has anyone noticed how fast drivers seem to be driving these days?  I live on 11th.E and they seem to drive down my street at all hours as if it were a dragstrip !  We have a good many deer sauntering across the street let alone kids on bikes and neighborhood cats, it is frightening but what can you do. Funny too as I believe an RCMP officer lives just up the road.  Cop car parked there all the time.

1700 block of Park Avenue, northbound lane.

1700 block of Park Avenue is hardly out there if ya ask me lol  my 2 cents lol

Production day so kind of busy, but here’s details from an RCMP media advisory:

Prince Rupert RCMP attended a motorcycle collision on Park Avenue on Sunday May 2nd, 2010 at approximately 2:45 pm . The motorcycle driver collided with a deer on Park Avenue near the Park Avenue Campground. The driver was flown to Vancouver, BC for extensive injuries to his right hand and wrist and also sustained road rash to his lower body. The RCMP traffic analyst determined the driver was going approximately 65 km/hour in a 50km/hour zone.

they should only give him a slap on the wrist ( left one of course)… but I bet you they slap him with a speeding ticket… gotta get the ticket quotas for the first quarter.
What happened to the deer? anyone know…

I heard “Jays Towing” may have got that one!

Jays Towing ended up towing the bike.    but I have no Deer Meat in my freezer  :frowning: heheh  :smile:

What happened to the deer? anyone know…

From what I heard, the bike didn’t kill the deer; it only wounded it badly and the attending cop had to put it down.
The rider was the teachers’ union rep…Gabby Bierau (sp?) and apparently his hand will need some fairly extensive surgery.

Probably ended up in the dump like our pets do  :cry:  I don’t know anything about this but they can’t use meat from an animal that has not been “bled” properly can they?  Something about toxins travelling through the system or something.

Gabby Bureau i think…he is/was a french teacher at CHSS

There was a deer killed in our yard, the Wildlife shelter came and picked it up for the Eagles.  Maybe they felt it might be contaminated by fuel etc.

the deer was killed by your car, or a car? or how?

How did a deer get killed in your yard? Same as cleaningfairy, just askin… :confused:

Wolf took it down, RCMP had to shoot it.

Oh, that is so sad laxking  :cry:  Must have been traumatic for you to witness that also.