More Gmail invites!

More Gmail invites!

If you didn’t get one last time, I have three more invites.

Send your request to miguelb at gee mail dot com and I’ll hook it up.

There were like 12 requests last time, so let’s say 2nd, 4th and 6th request will get an invite.

Also, those who get accounts will also be eligible to invite people soon – post on here!

fo sho, hook me up. i signed up for the beta but ntohing happened with that

Id like one…

please read Mig’s post thoroughly


I have two gmail invites to give out to the first two emails I get at

david dot strand at gee mail dot com

All my invites are gone, but there should be some more floating around from other people.

Those of you lucky enough to get in, share!

If anyone really wants a gmail invite, there are more than 2000 currently for sale on ebay:

my invites are all gone…thanks

Remember to share yours on HTMF

woohoo! I’m a gmailer!

goddamnit! hoshq is too short a username for gmail. For that one reason alone I may stick with my hotmail account.

Oh well. I’m hoshkiw at gee male dot com.

Gmail is AMAZING!! I will definately share the wealth at the first chance I get.

nellerz at the gee mail dot com eh

[quote=“Prudence”]Gmail is AMAZING!! I will definately share the wealth at the first chance I get.


Too bad it doesn’t come with a built-in spellchecker.


Click “check spelling” at the bottom of the screen, Hoshq, I’m pretty sure that means spellchecker.

Don’t post your address, Danielle, you don’t want spam-harversters to get it.

I didn’t say I believe in standardized (is that with a “z” or an “s”?) spelling, but rather I simply think it would be a nice feature for other people who like that sort of thing.

I hate you MiG.

They obviously just added that feature within the last half hour or so.

Heh. Perhaps they only give the “check spelling” option to people who believe in dictionaries.