More about Pita Pit?

So i have been hearing more that Pita Pit will be opening up in Rupert. And that there location will be next door to Tim Hortons where Pacific Coast School used to be.
I would never go to Subway again if this was true.

Anybody else hear anything like this?


yep heard the same thing but it doesn’t cost much to get a franchise for Pita Pit

Liquid Capital Required $75,000
Net Worth Required $100,000
Investment $187,450 - $314,979
Franchise Fee $25,000
Royalty 6.0%

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Why would some drive out of town for a pita? Gross.

I emailed PP last week about the PR location and they stated that the Prince Rupert Pita Pit location is aiming for a late summer, early fall official opening.

EDIT - And I agree…I barely go to Subway as it is (only if I am desperate and in a very lazy mood)…but I will likely never go there again when Pita Pit opens.

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Pita pit… I am sure everyone will be happy with this new alternative to subway !

I would.

My wife and I have gone to Terrace many times. Just for pita pit. Or Dominos

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They talked me into taking them to Pizza Hut when I was in Terrace. As soon as she saw where we were my 9yr old grand-daughter started throwing a shit fit in the parking lot.
“Last time we ate here I PUKED!!! All night long!! No way, no way Grampa!”

Such a sweetie. I’m too old to pull that off.

Only time I tried Pita Pit was in PG, they pulled those leathery wrinkly wraps out of a Dempter’s bag. Yukk. Like an old scrote flattened by a steam roller.
I’m a WonderBread guy, The bread is there to keep the condiments off your fingers, I don’t wanna taste it.