I don't like Subway

I was placing my order for a sub this morning , and watched three centipedes running under the cash register and into the vegetable trays !
I will " never " eat at subway again…

Were they dancing ? !!

Now when I posted that I will never eat at subway again. My intent was not to start an anti subway flame war. I know the local owners and they are good people. And I still eat there now and then. I see Pita pit as a more healthy option and that is why I will be going across the street for my food. Plus now I will be able to get a pita and an ice cap without crossing the street.

what did u expect!??

I’ve never had a problem with Subway , never tried Pita Pit but open to trying it …on the note of restaurants …what happened to the Malaysian restaurant ?it seems like it’s closed .

Yeah, it is too bad. The place has been shuttered for quite some time.