Missing family dog

We are located on 11th, our dog ran out the door last night at dinner time and hasnt surfaced yet. Of course he didn’t have his collar or tags on (because his 4 mth old sister just loves to chew them off). He is a 2 yr old black lab, and goes by magnum. He is VERY friendly. If you have ANY info pls contact us!!

And yes, we have tried the obvious, spca, vet, and the city bylaw.

While I’m against dogs wearing clothes like people, I hope you find him safe and sound.

P.S.  hope you find your dog too.

I hope Mags comes back. Doesn’t seem like him to run away like that.

I’m keeping my eyes peeled for him.

u got it bubba, its not like him… found out that there are 3 other dogs missing in this area … no wolf sightings, so i have no idea!!!

nice pic of your dog… I live not too far from 11th, and I will watch out for him too…Good Luck…

I drove around your area and hit the side streets looking for that beauty, if I do not see good news in the morning I will go out again…Good luck.

You know, there’s lots of trails around there… maybe he’s lost in one of them…

i live on 11th keeping an eye out for Mags

I also live on 11th and there is a solid 1/2 dozen dogs running loose 24/7.  i figure ppl here don’t care about leash laws or if their “pets” get hit by cars.

  Have you tried the Wildlife Shelter at the top of 11th. Nancy and Gunter are great folks and Mags may have followed the animals scents and went for a visit. Worth a try. At least they can be alerted to him being out and about.  Number is 6244143

I live up the street a lil ways from you and haven’t seen Magnum around anywhere yet.  :frowning:

He’s a crafty little bugger he is…
He’ll get hungry and turn up sooner or later.

  You can always call City Bylaw regarding the loose dogs just for their own safety but I happen to know this family is very responsible and love their dog, he happened to accidently get out and they are devastated so please keep an eye out for him.  He is a beautiful dog !

Yep, I agree with Codybear. I’ve house sat for this family and they are good family friends of mine. Like I said before, it’s very out of charicter for magnum to run away like that, he’s such a loving dog.

I really hope he’s found, and soon.

I’ll keep an eye out for him too - it’s nice that he is friendly, that way if someone spots him then it’s easier to snag him.  I love labs for that quality hehe…  :wink:

Is there any news about the pup?  I walk by there almost every day so I know the dog and have watched out for him…I am so hoping for a welcome home Magnum and loads of doggie kisses for the family !

Thanks for all your support, we havent had any luck yet :frowning: this is a very sad time for our family!! Not looking forward to another night without him! Thanks again!!

If you see the fella and can’t reach the SPCA, they sometimes don’t answer the phone  :unamused: and they aren’t open now til Wed., give the wildlife shelter a call as they would be happy to come and get him and return him to the family. 6244143 and they are available 24-7. Keep on watching for him everybody, he must miss his family very much.

It is possible that someone has him in their home as we type. They will likely call the SPCA tomorrow. A few years back my black lab went missing. I had everyone searching til all hours and after a very long weekend full of worry it turned out that she had been all cozy in a loving home just waiting for a monday morning call to the SPCA:)