Melvin Christison Murder (was: What's going on downtown?)

Police have the sidewalk taped off on 3rd Avenue, just down from Shoppers. What’s up?

I have heard that it was a stabbing. A girl had stabbed her boyfriend which he died of his injuries.
Just a rumor that I have hear though.
Can someone confirm?

The cab driver I had just now said the same thing… a woman stabbed a man “on top” of the New Moon.  There are apartments up there, so I would think it would have been in there. 

The cabbie said there hadn’t been anything on the scanner about it since right after it had happened, a couple hours ago.

A couple of quick photos of the location:

Wow doesn’t that paint a pretty picture of Rupert… empty store fronts, and police tape!

Cultural district?

I choked on my coffee while reading that one, MiG - nice one!

As I was mentioning the other day to someone, there is alot of deeling that goes on up there an when you walk downe the hall you smel alcohol an crack. New frenship house program up there which was on Frazer St. I think it is bad move for kids. Get them out of there. Crack = violience.

Just down there around 7:45pm and there wasn’t an ambulance or EMT’s, the cops didn’t appear to be too stressed so hopefully it was a drug bust as those apartments are rented by known users and dealers.  Let’s hope so and if so, giant kudos to the RCMP…But I am sure by tomorrow the rumour mill will have spun quite a story !!  Always so interesting here in Prince Rumours…I found out a few months back that I was married and I am wondering now when “they” will run the sequel…She’s getting a divorce, poor sad, sad girl…What will her and her 10 children do now ? Sickening load of shit  :imp:

I find it hard to think you hav ten kids, when my girlfriend and I hav seen you in food bank you look to young to hav that many, I hope you wount get divorced.

I am fairly sure it wasn’t a drug bust. I was there at around 630 and the police where there scrambling around talking to people (witnesses?). I heard from numerous people now that the guy came home with a bunch of girls and they where all drunk, the girlfriend was waiting for him and when she seen the girls she freaked and that is when the stabbing happened.
Plus the police where still there as I drove by about 20 minutes ago. I don’t think they would be there this long if it were a drug bust.
BUT! hopefully it is just a drug bust or something similar to that, as lives well be ruined over a death of a family member and the incarceration of a loved one. 

i heard the guy wasint killed a his name was jeff brooks he is a local in town see pince rumors…geeze


O…K… but I don’t think it’s a good idea to post somebody’s name on an internet forum.

When I went by around 8:30 they had the CSI number things down on the sidewalk outside… would they do that for a drug bust?

uhhh no…only crimes

Just heard it on CBC news.  Homicide in Prince Rupert, 41 year old female killed 42 year old male.

Irony of ironies, stabbing beside the St. John Ambulance instruction center.  :astonished:

Wow, that’s where Planet Youth is going?  Or Friendship house or something? 

My Dad says that’s a great environment for kids!

no environment is good for kids downtown here it seems like lately

YEAH! As far as violence goes Kids are much better off living in Surrey or Vancouver.