Mc D #$*&#$(&

1/2 the time i go through the drive thru I get no god damm katchup! 1/2 the time i ask for it i dont get it, 1/2 the time they ask me if i want it i get two little packs. Who in the right mind eats fries with no god damm katchup. Why do they even ask if i want it? just put it in the god damm bag!
Now i have to eat my fries with no katchup.

buy your own ketchup princess

It’s a jump to conclusions mat!

Ok funny, I never use ketchup when going thre the drive thru - but inside i do… and whenever they ask me if i want it or not i say no. But i always get it, the odd time i do say yes, i never get it…

I never ask for ketchup. If they give it to me, it stays in the bag. I can eat and drive stick at the same time, but how the hell am I supposed to work the ketchup?

I find that driving standard now has added a whole new level to my drive-thru’ing.

Also, having no cup holders, I always put my super-sized drink between my legs, put then my left leg has so much travel between full- and off-clutch, that it moves around and I have had an ugly Coke covered floormat incident.

unwrap the burger, spread wrapper on passenger seat. Dump 3 or 4 ketchups onto wrapper and hose down with salt. Buy bottle pop/juice so you can screw lid on loose and hold between your legs without major dumpage.
Had 84 ranger w no holders. In a pinch I could dump the ashtray and squeeze a reg size Pepsi in it. I guess if I didnt smoke I could fill the ashtray with ketchup :laughing:

Drive thrus suck. Everytime you get back on the road you discover one thing got shorted from your order

I agree everytime I go through the McDonalds drive-thru something is wrong with my order.

I’ve got an egg mcmuffin with no egg before, and a Big Xtra with no bottom bun. True stuff.

I hate it when you’re forty miles down the road, fish thru the bag and discover there’s no apple turnover. It’s the only thing they serve that contains part naturally occuring edible matter.
Do the shakes still taste like chocolate flavored wood glue? I heard you drink a McD’s shake before you go camping and you won’t have to worry about taking a dump in the woods even if you’re there for a week.,…
(I have this aversion to milkshakes that emerge from the nylon sphincter of some stainless steel monstrosity)

My problem sometimes is that I get back to work or home or wherever I’m going, then look in the bag and there’s no straw!

Well, the people working the drive-thru could give a damn about the people they’re serving. McDonald’s prolly puts its laziest workers there knowing that by the time we realize that they f***ed up we’re already too far from the McDik’s to retaliate. My dad, though, always checks the order after recieving it. I guess he’s had too many slip-ups. It’s funny because he always holds up the people behind him trying to get their plastic hamburgers.

I hate to trash McD’s since I know there are some very nice people that work there, but if I had to work there I’d be smoking a lot of pot. Which seems to be what they’re doing too, otherwise they wouldn’t forget my straw so many times.

I just can’t handle the smell of it in my car. I can get salads through the drive thru but anything else smells too bad.

i dont think they’re smoking pot, i think that there is just enough of a “uniform” buffer between the customers and anyone taking responsibility for things getting done right. eg. the employee thinks ‘oh its just mcdonalds’ and the customer thinks 'oh its only mcdonalds" so the expectations are probably pretty low from both sides (three-ring binder expectations notwithstanding).

But that doesn’t explain the ones that look baked.

The last time i bought a McSalad, there was a big clump of hardened greece in the middle… I didnt realize this until i bit down on a fork full of salad to have a rotton taste in my mouth, from now on its liquified greece only from mcdicks.

You had a part of a country in your salad?! :open_mouth:


Maybe he just likes to do things “in the way of the greeks” as it’s sometimes called.

mmmm! clotted grease salad…
and I thought semi-cooked Tim Hortons fritters were disgusting.

There’s something SO wrong about salads from McD’s. I haven’t tried one but i find it hard to trust those things. They freak me out. I just dont trust them at all, not the freshness, dressing, “low-fat” label…

if they can figure out how to make 100% pure beef from what blows off a Lomak truck, how to make nuggets by tossing chickens through a jet engine, and ice cream from what forms on leaky pipelines, they can figure out how to make salad from shredded milk containers and potato chip bags…