May Election


Oh FFS who gives a shit about the Leap Manifesto you dumb enough to think it’s actual policy? FEDERAL party manifesto not even adopted by them.
Towns all along Hwy16 are rotting away to nothing, School Boards selling shuttered schools off because even they (who are mostly old Socreds and current Liberals) know there’s no hope at all of recovery. Invest in couriers cuz you’ll only be able to buy new socks or fresh vegetables online with another term of these useless arseholes.
BS fraudulent firings, BS claims of NDP hacking, never mind Hillary like emails candals - real ‘triple delete emails from actual gov’t servers’… it’s time to change the underwear, been stinking for a while now.


Agreed. I won’t be supporting Clark on May 9th.


Its to bad that voters in this province are stuck with either Liberal(Conservatives) or NDP. I’m not a fan of Clark, she should have been turfed as leader of the Liberals when she lost in her riding. But I won’t vote for Rice and the NDP. She has spent thousands in travel costs catering to the First Nations in this riding. We all deserve equal representation. I am a strong supporter of our communities in the North who depend on the direct and indirect jobs related to our natural resources. I don’t believe the NDP care enough for the regions outside of the lower mainland and Vancouver Island. It sure would be nice to have a political party that could manage economics and social issues equally, not one or the other. I’m already detesting all the ads I’ve seen on tv. That is my opinion.


You can vote Green like half the people I’ve talked to all over the province.

How do you say we all deserve equal representation and then accuse Rice of ‘catering’ to First Nations in the same breath?


What ?? We do deserve equal representation from our elected not have an MLA or MP catering to a single demographic. Voting Green splits the vote with the NDP.


Yes. Which helps to elect Clark.


Don’t blame the Greens for earning the votes, or the voters for voting Green.

If the NDP want to defeat the Liberals this election, they better get their shit together and stop pretending what they’re not: The Green Party of BC.


Yup. As I understand it the NDP is going to go negative this election. They didn’t do that in 2013 and it cost them the election.


I am going to vote for the person that I believe is going to do something for our community. Don’t give a shit what Party they run for as not one of them is any good!


All I know is there is no way Jennifer Rice is getting my support ever again.

She is the worst MLA this riding has ever had…she caters to only the First Nations of this riding and frankly has done nothing for the economy, nothing for Prince Rupert and only shows up when the private sector has something big to announce.

At least Gary Coons did something and was out in the community and supported Prince Rupert. Jennifer Rice in no way deserves a second term, based on what she has done during her first.


Not surprisingly

And of equal unsurprisingness: DWhite says that he supports Jennifer Rice and that there is no way that he could ever support the current Liberal government.


I’ve voted for the NDP provincially and federally for 40 years. At the moment I’m feeling ambivalent about where my vote is going. I will most likely support John Horgan.


Doubt she ever got your vote lol


In the provincial election at least


I know what you mean. I won’t support the Libs but I’ve never been less enthusiastic about voting NDP.
We’ve got a native woman NDP candidate here, you should hear the ‘catering to natives’ whining in this riding. Just ignore half the population for another hundred years or so or what?
John (have you even hear of him in three terms?) Rustad will take it in a cakewalk.


Agreed. I’ve spoken to Herb Pond (our local Liberal candidate); I let him know that I cannot support Clark’s abysmal record. I like him, but, he’s running for the wrong party. In the midnight hour I will most likely go orange.


I see that Horgan has said he will end the tolls on the Port Mann and Golden Ears. This is one of the reasons the NDP will get in trouble, making promises without thinking.


Perhaps. I am very curious to see if Horgan has the right stuff to go after Clark on her record.


I doubt it. My brother in law’s little company down there has been shelling out more than $3000 a month in tolls and God knows what in gas and productivity driving around to minimize them. That’s a couple of jobs w taxable incomes right there. And the Libs say they’ll cap the tolls now too.
Just tack a $500 yearly surtax on their $1,000,000 homes down there


This sums up Clark’s legacy. Time for her to go.