May Election


That’s quite the list. I am sure you are going to vote for the correct LOCAL MLA to take your concerns to Victoria. It appears that the current one hasn’t helped?


Yup. I will. :slight_smile:
I won’t vote for the Liberal candidate.


Anyone but Clark.


I’m voting for who would be better for our riding, and who’s election platform is the most realistic.


I do hate Clark, but I’m voting for who would represent the North best - and that would be Pond. NDP would be disastrous for the Province, as witnessed by the carnage in Alberta. Rice has been ineffective for the north.


Not a hater, and Christy has her warts, but cannot will not vote NDP Representation of the riding is best left in Ponds hands.


Funny, all the hotels in Alberta were close to full, the cafes busy, 10x more people working on the roads than I;ve ever seen in BC, two buddies called back out of retirement and the other shopping for a better job - NOT in oil.
None of whom pay $1800 a year for MSP premiums plus another couple who retired from here to there cuz Alberta has better wait times for medical. Didn’t get a $10 invoice in the mail for crossing any rivers either.

Yah the NDP’s a disaster. Nothing at all to do with banking it all on the world’s costliest oil production, eh? Can Christy sell you LNG promises again?


Yep. Some people are comfortable with bullshit. I find it odd that some people hate Clark, but, they’re going to vote for Pond.


I dunno. Last time the North Coast had a Liberal MLA, with Herb Pond as Prince Rupert Mayor, what was the result? Economic ruin, and Herb introduced a record municipal tax increase. Then that Liberal MLA went to work for the Chinese company that sued the city of Prince Rupert!

I don’t think Herb can ‘run on his record’ – when he was Mayor, with a Liberal MLA, and a Liberal government, he ran the city into the ground.


I would like to hear from a NDP supporter why they think voters in BC and specifically in this riding should elect the NDP. Also do they believe this riding would benefit from a NDP government. I don’t want to hear anti Liberal.


Goes to show you what a resource sector can do for a province, especially oil and natural gas, where is Rice and Horgan on those issues?


last time we had a liberal MLA we got the container port, Coons came afterwards


Hard not to be negative Gracie’s Mom.

As far as the Liberals claim of being fiscal managers, they have raised the debt by $33B and that doesn’t included contractual obligations not listed in the budget.

Wasting money on court cases which lost. In other words, the budget was “balanced” by taking money out of education.

The Health care firings. Nobody in this government is ever held accountable.

BC Hydro.

Benefits to donors.

I could go on, but you don’t want anti Liberal.

The NDP shouldn’t be any worse. And if they are, they can be kicked out in four years. Simple. That’s how democracy works. While you may be looking for a reason to vote NDP, I see no reason to support the Liberals.

As for local. People either under estimate Jennifer’s ability or they fail to understand the role of an opposition member. One example. When lead was discovered in our local schools and around the province, it was Jennifer who introduced a private member’s bill to get schools to test the water. Most often, private member’s bills go nowhere because they are usually introduced by the opposition and the government either ignores it, votes it down or steals it. In this case, the Liberals took it and made it their own policy. The fact that Jennifer’s work as an opposition MLA resulted in a positive government policy is pretty remarkable.

And for LNG,.

This was last year and yes she is critical of the Lelu location but like Nathan Cullen she suggests that Ridley may make a better site. Fast forward to last month and Petronas is now looking at Ridley. The NDP and Jennifer Rice are not opposed to responsible resource development.

As I finish this Gracie’s Mom, I am listening to a Liberal ad talking about the “horrible” 1990’s. Talk about negative.


Interesting news this morning. I wonder what our local candidates think about this…


Pick a spot in BC… any spot on google maps… Then switch to satellite view and zoom in… Zoom in close and look at your forest… Pick any spot at all, and you might just notice that there is no forest… The only forest you can find anywhere in BC is second or third growth intermixed with clear-cut after clear-cut after clear-cut… In their 16 years in power, the liberals have enriched the few at the expense of the many and have made off with the last bits of remaining old-growth. They’ve whole-heartedly gone along with astronomical wage disparity, to the degree that middle-class households are having to pay road and bridge tolls and astronomical premiums in order to pay the 1000:1 ratio salaries and bonuses of the upper echelon - at a time when far less resource endowed states/countries are providing free college/uni, medical/dental, and day-care. That’s the Liberal party. To them you’re nothing but a sucker. The NDP supports First-Nations? Really? They support what is basically the only cohesive group which has stood up for the rights of British Columbians regardless of race, creed, or religion? The only group who has stated again and again that the health of the lakes, the rivers, the sea and the forests is more important than the fatness of one’s debt-slips/wallet… I think the Liberals have done a bang-up job of making sure no one in BC has any idea anymore of what it actually means to be a British Columbian. And they’ve done a bang-up job making sure we’re all pointing fingers at one another - through racial divisiveness - instead of them - thieves that they are. Why should you vote NDP? You can either stand with the thieves, or you can stand with the rest of us, that’s why. -real JOBS.


Typical rhetoric…


The Liberal minister of Education recently let us know here in Rupert that the middle school will not be replaced. The Liberals have a terrible record supporting education over the last 15 years. The only reason they’re injecting money into the education system is that they were ordered to do so by the Supreme Court of Canada. An NDP government will better support the needs of BC students.


Why is it that I can’t get a straight answer but the same old rhetoric? DO NDP SUPPORTERS BELIEVE THAT THIS RIDING WILL BENEFIT FROM AN NDP GOVERNMENT AND WHY??? Is that so hard to answer. Will Horgan scare Liberal voters away with to much government spending and no realistic plans for generating revenue? We shall see about that last one when he releases his election platform Thursday.


Ya, you’re right. It is typical rhetoric… So why do countries with far lesser resources have better standards?


Gracie’s Mom, I really don’t know what you are expecting.

Netcom61 believes the NDP will do a better job of protecting the environment.

Hitest believes the NDP will do a better job of managing education.

I believe Jennifer has done a good job of representing us and will continue to do so.

And let’s be honest if the NDP had been in office for 16 years and were responsible for the Hydro mess, the education court case, the health care firings, the donor scandals, the LNG pipe dream of a debt free province when in fact debt has skyrocketed, you would be howling for their removal and rightfully so.

if you look to any success in the BC economy it is a result of the inflated housing market as much as anything. In other words, in spite of the government not because of it.

Of course, you can counter that everything I say is just rhetoric. But then it is just rhetoric that Liberals use to justify or explain away all the problems I have with them.

Sorry Gracie’s Mom. I know it is not the answer you are looking for, but this government has been in power too long and needs a reset.