Maher Terminal Cranes

Does anyone know when the cranes are arriving?  I was in a boat in the harbour today and didn’t see any signs of them.

Any day now.

Late next week.

Cool.  Our town will finally start an economic upswing. :sunglasses: 

The Cranes are here!

or actually are about to be here I guess… … 3419869530

The Port has a new webcam installed as well, with a better view of the port site…

I think Tuesday they are set to be here, according to the Port’s vessel schedule, but it hasn’t been updated today, so they might be ahead of schedule.

So one of the biggest events in recent history and we can’t even go and view it? Anyone got any leads on a good spot to view these things that IS open? I mean other than the water.

Obviously you don’t know the right people.

Irregardless, Wednesday is supposed to be the arrival date. Anything before that is just good waters.

[quote=“Sir Ryan of Last”]
Obviously you don’t know the right people.[/quote]

Wow you are Captain Obvious. Clearly I don’t or I wouldn’t be asking.  :unamused:

Mike about 3/8s of the way up the mountain there is a little clearing with a table you could see em at.  About a 5 min hike down form the road

Thanks mcsash. I’ll probably view it from the mountain somewhere. Any idea where I could safely take a 6 year old to see them? My son would love to see those things.

I have taken my 6 and 8yr old there many times…its directly over the fairview port.
Make sure the young one doesnt venture to close to the edge.  It is quite a droppperooo

7 pm tonight they will be here…

  Is that indian time… looking at my clock now it is 7.27 pm… watching it on the web cam here  and nothing yet…

According to this:

The cranes is expected to arrive tomorrow at 8 in the morning.

The Pacific Pilotage Authority website shows a pilot isn’t needed until tomorrow morning at 08:00 at Triple Island …

sorry guys… theyre already here!!

i watched them come in on adventure tours new catamaran the inside passage

OK - so where is the ship?

As of 1940 hrs saw the ship with the cranes at the Alaska Ferry Terminus. Lots of people with cameras etc. as well as a helicopter shadowing the ship as it made it’s way to the port. There were 4 cranes on the ship though. Wonder if the 4th crane will be used to unload the 3 that are for the port…

the 4th crane is for Vancouver (shhhh inside information :smiley: )