MacWorld 2008

Over the last few years I’ve become a real Mac fanboy.  I’ll be curious to see what Steve Jobs unveils tomorrow in his keynote address.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

MacBook Air

I’m not sure I’m really impressed with this Laptop…yes it’s thin and light, but for the price I think a regular MacBook would be adequate.  Sure, if you need the latest and greatest - it might be worth it.  I was hoping for something even smaller and more portable, PDA size.

It’s basically $500 more for a thinner and lighter laptop.  But you also get the multi-touch gestures on the trackpad.  If you’ve used an iPhone or iPod Touch, it’s the same kind of thing… very “Minority Report.”

It’s probably not aimed at your average consumer, though.  That’s the Macbook.

I wonder if you have to buy the time capsle device to backup over wireless, i have a extreme basestation, and it has a usb 500gig hdd, wonder if there will be a update.

The Macbook air does look very cool, but, I’ll be getting the Macbook as it will meet my needs.

I think it is to thin, i can see it having problems. THIN = non durable & fragile.

On a related note the Russian’s (at all the usual places) have been very generous with Office 2008 for Mac…I like the looks of it.

it’s slow.

Yeah, it’s ok… I’ve been using the Beta since September.

Office 2008 is super fast on my Macbook.  I should do a screencast video just to show how ridiculously fast it is. 

I really love OpenOffice these days, but the Mac port of it is super slow.

Waiting, tap tap, DOOO IT!!


Is it slow on your computer, Jason?  It’s not on mine.  Much faster than 2004.  I’ve only really used Excel and Word, though.

What softwre do you use to create the screen capture movie, ill do one and you can do one.

What is slow about it?  The launch times?  The Excel calculation times? 

I just saw in the press that they are calling it Macbook Anorexic…too funny!!

Get a EEE and hackintosh it!

Hacker puts Mac’s OS X on Asus’ Windows Alternative PC.

its slow at first startup, however if you close it then relaunch it, its faster.

here >

On my machine, it’s a lot faster than Office 2004, and certainly faster than NeoOffice or OpenOffice.

You said it was slow, so what’s faster?

Here’s a Jing capture (you can view it in a browser, just drag it in)

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

were you able too see mine!

Didn’t seem so slow to me.

What’s faster?

Also, John Gruber boils down the Macbook vs Macbook Air decision nicely: