Looking for 1000sq ft + space to rent for Martial arts club

Hi, my Name is Kelly McMahon. I am new to Prince Rupert, (actually Port Ed), and I am wanting to rent some space to set up a mixed martial arts club and a self defense school. With so many empty buildings in the town, one would figure it wouldn’t be hard to find affordable spacing, but I have few contacts here outside my students that i am currently teaching. The cheaper the better, as long as it is not mouldy  or dangerous ,lol.
P.S. If you are interested in MMA or sefl-defense and have any questions regarding training , fees etc. send me an email at prmma@hotmail.com

see if master bozman (taekwondo) or the karate club will share space
i know there is another guy trying to get mma going in town not sure if youve been in contact with him

there may be some room at the Inlander now, though it might be a little damp and smoky…

sorry couldn’t resist.

Actually check out the PPWC hall beside the police station i don’t believe it is being used for anything at the moment, there’s also that building down by Harbour theatre on 3rd Ave West it’s been empty since the cops made that unfortunate non raid and the guy left town.

Lots of storefronts on third as well just check with the real estate offices they might have a lead or two for you… 

I wonder of the School Board would entertain the idea of renting out some of thier space?
BTW, the PPWC building is now the First Nation Training and Developement Centre.

The Taekwondo club just recently moved into a new location in the Ocean Centre Mall. Perhaps they would be interested in renting you some time in their space as a way to offset their rent.

I tried the school board, but they wouldn’t go for it because the water and power were turned off. It’s too bad, they just sit empty indefinitely I guess.

theres that old corner store by the senior housing on what is it 5th east? sitting empty for years

I’ll take a look at the store tonight, I think i know the one. Thanks for all the suggestions, I’ll check back later on and see if anyone has any more suggestions and / or to reply as to any luck i’m having.

This probably wouldn’t work as our class times would cross as most people that I train at the moment work most of the day.

Success!!! I found a great location near Panago. And the cool thing was my post on here is what got me the contact and place. Thanks a lot all. I really appreciate the help.

It doesn’t happen to be beside Seasport does it?

LOL, yes you had better check with your new neighbours before you buy any furniture…

lol…yeah.  Go and talk with Glen Saunders and the welding companies in the area to see if it’s ok with them. 

Beside Panago?  If this club could be considered a school would it not need the zoning requirement that the Pacific Coast School was looking for?

Just curious.

little different i would think

No, its not beside sea sport, its in where a virtual golf place used to be. I guess i shouldn’t say to much yet as i have many things to check out yet. But at least a deal in principle has been agreed on. Hopefully everything all works out.

ah yea by panago , sidewalkers and entire :wink:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for it.  In light of what has recently occured in that area it might be good to check if it’s zoned for a club/school. Good Luck!!

Martial Arts students should have no problems handling the “dangers” of Cow Bay.  Just stay off the cranes, and don’t skateboard through any welding shops.  Oh, and stay away from the liquor store as well.

I know which building you mean. Congrats on finding a space. I hope it works out for you.

oooh another martial arts place. :smiley: