Load of logs

Just wondering if anyone knows the person’s name and phone number who sells uncut logs. I think they come from Terrrace. Does he sell the whole truck load or part? Please pm me or post information in this topic.


I think the company who runs the de barker or whatever it is down in the industrial park, is called Bear Creek Logging. Don’t know if that helps you at all.

marvin kristoff may know . hes the company that trucks the logs out in containers

[quote]There is a guy in terrace that sells hundreds of cords of wood he has a big operation. He supply’s the pizza place in town with birch wood all the time.

Any ways i bought 1 cord of birch from him last year for about $280 delivered to rupert the birch wood burns hot and the coals last long time. The best wood you can get around here.

Allan webber 250 635 6910 [/quote]

Might be worth a shot!

[quote=“Cst. Ferman”]

Might be worth a shot![/quote]

Thanks for all of the above information. I’ll look into all of this.