A friend of mine is looking to buy firewood…I remember seeing an ad somewhere in regards to firewood sold by the cord??? I think…
Anyways - if any of you can enlighten me I would greatly appreciate the help :smile:


There was a firewood ad in the paper last winter/spring. I forget his name / ph# but he operates out of an big equipment shed half-way down Mish-aw Rd on the right side (the old mill site I believe).

Now the bad news: The guy was charging $200 / cord (yipes); when I ordered a cord from him, his “cord” ended up being 3/4 of a pickup load; and to add insult to injury, the wood was barely seasoned and definitely not dry.

There is a guy in terrace that sells hundreds of cords of wood he has a big operation. He supply’s the pizza place in town with birch wood all the time.

Any ways i bought  1 cord of birch from him last  year for about $280  delivered to rupert the birch wood burns hot and the coals last long time. The best wood you can get around here.

Allan webber 250  635 6910

Please post items for buying/selling at: