LNG in BC is still DEAD

Not a single word out of Petronas for over a year…Woodfibre has not made an FID(still)…Funny how LNG announcements were thick when BC Liberals were spinning the media…

LNG in BC…it didn’t happen, not going to happen…what killed off the fantasy…economics killed it…projects weren’t viable, and now…“a fool and their money soon part ways”

and don’t bother pointing out an energy company tossing towns a few nickles…they merely write it off…

Looks like Grant G was right…BC Liberals and entire rightwing spinners were wrong…


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Grant G hasn’t been right about anything. :rofl:

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Talking about yourself like this is rather odd.


Pre-Election…Rich Coleman muttered about a Petronas FID in June…or July…Petronas has not made an official statement on PNW LNG since September 2016…ever since Clark and the fiberals went down…even the fake LNG announcements have stopped.

Funny how BC Liberals losing power shut the 200 plus members of PAB up…LNG announcement nowhere to be seen…

In other words…a complete and utter failure…promising a $trillion and delivering $5 billion in taxpayer subsidies to the oil n gas industry…a welfare industry…those are the facts…

My horse and carriage is for hire, señor. For just as long as you desire, señorita. You want to ride… Forget the mañana and come to Havana with me

And then there’s this:

just another speed bump nothing major, the constitution states that federal responsibility for pipelines is inter provincial, ie: kinder morgan pipeline, pipelines within the province is total provincial responsibility, that ruling only wants the NEB to make sure it is not federal jurisdiction, there is another case awaiting court judgement, it is whether hereditary chiefs decide what happens on traditional lands or the community, that is supposed to come soon

"Just another speed bump"
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Did Canada Miss the Boat on LNG


How Canada blew its chance for a multibillion-dollar industry!!!


PNW LNG is cancelled. Not surprised, that should make Grant G happy. The region did benefit with training programs and money donated around town. We still have the propane facility, specialty grain facility and the port expansion that is opening soon.

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He was right and wrong.

Well I hope he doesn’t take happiness in being right. I ragged everyone about how cheerleading won’t help market conditions and it’s nothing to feel good about.
Like I pointed out we were a decade late into the game.


I hope so as well. I have mixed feelings about the announcement. I am an environmentalist who is fully aware how this project would have positively impacted our town. I hope another industry starts up here.

You are definitely right about being a decade late into the game. It will be interesting to see if Aurora goes through and the facility in Kitimat. I think the bet is more on the terminal in Squamish as they have made recent announcements leading towards that.

Well…I told you so…Petronas was out 2 years ago…Woodfibre, despite what has been blathered…There is NO FID…there was HOI agreement…Woodfibre is being cancelled too…

Petronas say the reason is economics…I wrote that too…so…if Petronas can’t make it…Either can Aurora and Shell…caput…along with Steelhead…Quicksilver…they is all dead…

Hi Gracies_mom…

The world’s most accurate LNG forecaster…Grant G and The Straight Goods

No Gracie…I was right…Rich Coleman is a habitual liar…BC Liberals knew it too…they didn’t care, the lie was carried through election 2017…and that is a bigger failure…BC Liberals…Godamn Fuyk(effing) liars…Coleman is a waste of skin, a big waste of skin…

You really are a piece of work. Nothing but a lowly blogger with a big mouth as proven by your last comment. I’m going to watch Horgan cave in the end to Alberta and Trudeau.

You don’t get it Gracie…Coleman flew to Malaysia last Fall…he was told directly that the project was cancelled…Petronas told Coleman last year that they were not going forward…Rich Coleman had a duty to tell the public the project was dead…Petronas didn’t lead anyone on…Petronas has had zero press releases on PNW LNG for almost 2 years…Petronas delayed making public the cancelation of their project by request of Rich Coleman and Spencer Sproule…

As for you Gracie…you have been rude, …your comments are threadbare gibberish…and you can’t admit when you’re wrong…

You can’t hold a candle to me…FACT

Many small investors are going to lose their shirts…because of Rich Coleman and BC Liberals…

Say hello to the biggest loser for me…Kristoff…the racist bastard!

That’s the pot calling the kettle black.