LNG in BC is still DEAD


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kind of funny Petronas said it was market conditions but yet Qatar has said it is increasing its LNG exports by 30% because even with the Americans exporting LNG by 2022 2024 there will be a shortage, makes you wonder if there is something else behind the scenes? but that point is moot now, Petronas is gone, but for all those that are gloating and happy about Prince Rupert losing 300 potential high paying jobs, especially the ones from out of town, I really really hope you don’t lose your jobs because you will not get any sympathy from me.and to our politicians that are saying the project didn’t have the social license, ask the LaxKwallams council and ppl that approved of the project, take a survey of the city if you dare and you will find out most supported it. what is Ms Rice and Mr Cullen going to do for our depressed economy?


It was cancelled because of the NDP. The company stated earlier in the year that they would make their final decision after the election.


Come now folks…deal with it.

The Liberals, despite superior cash resources, a monstrously pro-business philosophy and the ability to ‚Äėspin‚Äô facts to suit themselves lost Petronas‚Äô interest.
How? By losing the election to the NDP. So if the failure of the Petronas bid to survive was because the NDP were allowed to win…it was a Liberal problem. They should have worked more effectively to win the election.

Interestingly it appears that Petronas has indicated some willingness to work with the NDP and Greens in the future….they appear to have lost interest in the Liberals.

Instead of playing ‚ÄėAs the World spins‚Äô‚Ķ.maybe looking realistically at the future of Prince Rupert and the Northwest/east of the province would be a more productive move.

And speaking of ‚Äėspin‚Äô - after months of hearing about our booming economy it has suddenly become depressed? Really Jabber63 - where has your regular thoughtful insight gone?


You are wrong totally there!
Anuar Taib, executive vice-president of Petronas, told reporters there was no connection between the company’s decision and the rise to power last week of a NDP government led by Premier John Horgan.

‚ÄúWe don‚Äôt take that into consideration,‚ÄĚ

Anuar Taib, executive vice-president of Petronas, told reporters there was no connection between the company’s decision and the rise to power last week of a NDP government led by Premier John Horgan.

‚ÄúWe don‚Äôt take that into consideration,‚ÄĚ


who said it was booming, yes economy has picked up but that was due to the container port and speculation on Petronas going to yes, plus when these companies come in to due environmental work that helps the local economy until that work is done, our local economy needs industrial jobs, every project that is built helps, whether it is AltaGas or an LNG plant,


How come Qatar, a country only three feet wide and 4,000 miles closer to the buyer is still gonna export?
If only we were a corrupt country run by billionaire princes instead of a democracy full of people who get to decide.
Even if a goodly percentage see no shame at trembling before the ballot box in fear of offending their corporate masters.


Hello you rabble-rousing Prince Rupertilians…My latest…Petronas, the real story…

Petronas’ Pacific Northwest LNG Proposal…The Real Story Minus Postmedia’s Fake Narrative

Welcome to the spin-free-zone…

The Straight Goods

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This is an interesting read. http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/petronas-not-leaving-vietnam-or-canada-says-ceo


they own progress energy which is going ahead with building a pipeline to the main north south gas pipeline that connects BC’s gas fields to the US, there is a company that wants to build an LNG plant in either Washington or Oregon state, forget which state, and they applied to the NEB to export BC gas for their project, so either way Petronas is selling the natural gas for LNG projects but not in Canada


Everyone seems to have their on take on the failure of LNG:


The real story here…not Postmedia propaganda…Palmer and Smyth get ripped to shreds…

Economics killed off Petronas…2 years ago when…When Petronas was shopping their stake in PNW LNG…Guess what, there was no takers…

Markham Hislop…like The Straight Goods…speaks to truth…


Like I said…there is no FID for Woodfibre…at a 2016 presser in Squamish…Byng Giraud said construction to start in early 2017…now construction might start in 2018…

Read the article…Woodfibre still seeking customers…completion time is unknown…construction start timeline unknown…and finally Woodfibre admits they have a HOA(heads of Agreement)…not a FID(final investment decision)…Woodfibre is DOA too…

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Thought I would resurrect this topic with some latest news. https://business.financialpost.com/commodities/dream-scenario-two-more-canadian-lng-projects-inching-towards-construction, https://www.jwnenergy.com/article/2018/11/environmental-agency-says-new-washington-lng-plant-must-use-bc-gas/


shhhhhhhhh that is all fake news :stuck_out_tongue: