Is linux faster then xp? how do you get started with it?
are programs compatable with it?

Some versions of Linux are faster than XP. 
If you’re starting out in Linux I would look at these distros first in no particular order:  Mandriva, Suse, Fedora.

Can you customize mandriva to look the way you want?

yes, But why would you want to ? Linux looks better…

Try ubuntu also.

What do you use your computer for?

I don’t use my computer for the operating system, I use it for the applications.

So make sure that whatever tasks you’re going to going to be doing, there is an application available that’ll help you to that end.

For instance, though I’m sure they exist, I couldn’t name you a multi-track recording/editing application. So this is the kind of thing you should research before you take the plunge.

So linux is basically for people that dont want the full potential of there pc?

No linux is for people that can learn the other software that they are used to. Linux will use the hardware in your pc just the same way and some times better.

I used to run linux as my main desktop and still do. Dual monitors i use it to monitor server stats mail server stats and checking email. Other than that i use my laptop now for every thing.

Make a list of things you do on your pc then hunt down the software you use those thing on your pc for and see if you can find software for the linux box…


web-browsers Lots on linux.  Check email client’s. Or instant messenger clients. etc etc the list goes on.

I use my computer for downloading 24/7, burning, audio recording, surfin net. 

I dont mind doing a dual boot, ill give it a try. 

Just the opposite, I’d say.

If you’re stuck with Windows, then you’re not seeing the full potential of your PC.

But you really need to know a lot about how computers work in order to use Linux, it’s not for your average joe. Â

No offense, but if you’re using Hotmail, and you’re happy with Hotmail, then Linux is definitely not for you.

I know lots about comps, linux is one thing i never explored.

U use hotmail. You don’t know nothing about pc’s. I see you on here always posting about the simplest shit in the world. YOu are a hotmail user. Stick to windows.

ok played with linux a bit, now i want to install it in my ram, ive heard of people doing this.

Has anyone done it here?

Install in RAM? I think you meant running Linux on Live CD/DVD.

BTW, I don’t believe you installed Linux, how can you possibly download and install Linux in 15 minutes (between your recent post and your second last post)?

jleaman is right, you know nothing about computers.  :unamused:

No you can install linux into the ram, thats why i considered getting into linux, cuase you cant do it with xp yet.  And linux takes very little time to install, you should no that.  And i didnt say i was going to download linux and install it.  It was almost done downloading and then i installed it.

Prove it.!

No you can install linux into the ram, thats why i considered getting into linux, cuase you cant do it with xp yet. [/quote]

Sure you can.  You can have a Windows XP live CD.  You can run Windows inside a virtual machine (see Parallels, Virtual PC, or VMware).

Of course, if you were the computer expert you claim to be, you’d know that already.

Cool.  What are you running?  Screenshot?

Are you am a geneous who knowss everything about the loooser lunix?

By the way after you installed linux into your ram did you reboot? I had to reboot after I installed it into ram… but after the reboot man was it ever kick ass.

My version is called B.A.R.T. I think he is talking about running windows at the same time as running linux off a cd.

The main purpose of the live cd’s is to test hardware compatibility. Not to run it as the main os.

Interesting:-)  What version did you install, jesus?