Late night Parties

We have a house near us who, mostly in the summer like to have parties, starting from 3am, going on until 5 or 6 am.  We can appreciate this.  However the party often spills out to the front,  causing the noise issue, from just the people going out to smoke and are loud to fights breaking out into the street ( like last Friday ).

We call the police when it gets tomuch,  which has been every time.  The police do nothing,  we have seen them drive by, but never get out of the cars.

So we are looking for creative ideas,  Legal ideas.

So far I have come up with, 

Getting every other neighboure up to mow thier lawn at 6am after they have fallen asleep,  but seems too complicated.

A high pitched sound emitting device I can place in thier yard driveway ( hidden )  and turn on at 3 am or when they make noise.

A paintball gun  ( most likely not legal )

An automatic lawn watering system,  Dropped off as a gift,  With us keeping the other remote fob…

Any other ideas???

There’s always the danger of bears in Prince Rupert, just to be safe you know a little bear spray might keep the wildlife under control :imp:

Once upon a time, calling the RCMP with a noise complaint resulted in an automatic ticket for the owner of the house. Has this “zero tolerance” policy changed?

Another thought is to get a file number. The RCMP night guys are seriously overworked, but are decent and professional.  If there is a file, they will deal with it. When you call, insist on opening one, and ask for the number. If nothing happens, follow up and ask what happened.

Though in my experience, they always want to deal with things if they are official. If there isn’t an “official” complaint, it will be pushed aside when there isn’t time to deal with it. And since the Rupert detachment is seriously under-staffed, there’s never enough time.

So my advice: ask about the zero-tolerance policy they used to have, and ask for a file to be opened and get the number. 

My dad used to have a party house next to him. He finally got fed up one day and decided to strike back. He’s a law abiding citizen so I guess he finally figured out a way to strike back and still stay within the law:

Anyone sleeping at a party house inevitably doesn’t go to sleep until the wee hours and sleeps until well after lunch. My dad waited until about 10:00am and then went outside into the back yard, which happens to be close to their bedroom windows. They didn’t seem to like my dad’s chain saw after he spent half and hour sawing wood for no real reason. The house eventually emptied out a bunch of bleary eye’d half-drunks and my dad came inside with a nice big smile on his face.

Now this looks interesting,  Try the sample audio sample.  Fun to do if you have a laptop and do not tell the teens in the house you are playing it,  LOL  They have a 25 yrs and up sample as well…

Definitely was a “no tolerance” policy on parties a few years ago.  A quick search of the Podunkian’s site:

[quote]While the summer will be a transition period for the detachment, he local RCMP will continue to focus key areas of concern including loud parties, property crime and road safety.

Since a “no toleranceâ€[/quote]

Instead of calling about the noise, call about the voilence…

big deal, it’s noise.

“there’s someone outside my house beating on another person, could you come deal with it, it sounds like a woman and a man”

You said there was fights, it’s not like you’re lying.

I do my drinking, partying, and fighting in the middle of the day like a civilized person.

From: … _bylaw.pdf

“(ii) No person who is the owner or occupier or tenant of property shall use:
such property or any part thereof or allow or permit such property or any
part thereof to be used in such a manner that noise or sound which occurs
thereon or emanates therefrom, disturbs or tends to disturb the quiet, peace,
rest, enjoyment, comfort or convenience of any person or persons on the
same piece of property or in the neighbourhood or vicinity.”

Its a noise bylaw…call the Bylaw Officer(s) during the day and see what they can do if you can’t get any satisfaction from the RCMP.  From personal experience, I do know that noise complaints tend to get pushed aside if there are other more serious complaints so I agree with another poster to include the fighting in your complaint.  You just might get a quicker reaction from the RCMP.


Maybe things have changed with noise bylaw enforcement.  On my block we had a party house several years ago.  After numerous complaints the police came and confiscated the stereo and TV from the house (it was great!)
I think your best bet is to continue phoning the police.

Ah tis nice to see the Podunk site used for research for the good of the community! :smiley:

As for the topic at hand, I believe the noise tickets and such are still in effect, though lately there seems to be some lattitude provided from it.

We have a perpetual party palace in our neighbourhood too, the police once made three trips in one night and the party seemed to go on regardless, that of course after the obligatory ten to fifteen minutes of quiet reflection upon the departure of the constabulary, then it was pump up the volume time.

Perhaps it is as a previous poster outlined, dependant on the time of the call, if the understaffed department is dealing with the normal downtown entertainment in the wee hours, there’s less chance they’ll get to the hum drum of the house party scene. 

You can always train mosquitos as suicide dive bombers…Just be sure to promise them their 69 virgins on the ‘other" side… :smiley:  Hard to find teenie tiny helmets though…Oh well, they won’t be comin’ back and your neighbours will be pissed and itchy…!!!  Ahhh, revenge is sweet…

Uh, just to let the HTMFers out there know, I’ll be throwing a massive party on Labour Day weekend. It will probably be loud and, yes, it’s BYOB.

Will I pity my neighbours? Well if they are too uppity to come out then they can suffer in silence. 

I sure hope you can all make it out, you rebellious funseekers you.

  Fair warning there you !!  If I can find the helmets I need, my “guys” will be at the ready…Where can I find the virgins though ?  :neutral_face: Ah, it all seemed so easy til now, dammit  :smiley:  Party on …Have a great time…!!

Run naked through the party!  If that does not clear them out, call the police and report an indecent exposure sighting! :imp:

I hope yours is on Saturday, 'cause my big house bash is on Sunday, and I know we’ll have overlapping guests.

For apartments and suites, there’s some truly annoying Bible channels on the tube. Turn a sermon on LOUD at 7 am Sunday, and while you make an early breakfast stomp the floor and shout “AY MEN” along with the congregation.

LOL  :-D

Neighbours could also take turns dressing up in their Sunday best and knocking on the door at 7 am asking the residents if they have made time to meet their saviour…

Or Scientologists could offer to give them an instant reading and a free toxin cleanse…

When you say there’s a fight going on, or violence, I think they HAVE to check it out. Like, knock on the door and such.