Kittens anyone?

Does anyone want a FREE kitten? They are 7 weeks old and cute as hell. They have to go quick… no more room in the house.

There are tons of pics in my gallery, mostly of the grey one because that’s the one I was going to take… now the plans have changed and there is the 1 grey, 2 black, and 2 white available for adoption.
Ruutu posing for the camera.
That’s Ruutu… he covers his eyes when he sleeps in your arms.
Jarkko… supposed to be mine :frowning:
Cloots and Jarkko

If you’d like one of em… just leave me a PM in here, or msg me on MSN.


i wish i could :frowning: ive been nagging my parents to let me have a cat… but no luck.

I wanted the deep thinker


If I wasn’t leaving on a month’s vacation in less than 3 weeks, I’d take one for sure.

doh! There’s gotta be someone who can take a kitten!

The scratches on her hand are from the mom cat… she’s goin nuts with all the competition in the house… she wants the kittens out of there so things get back to normal.

Get those cats fixed.

You get fixed.

are they broken? heavy sarcasm


Anyhow, “cute as Hell” probably isn’t the best simile :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, all the cute chicks are in hell.



aww i wish i could have one…

The CHESTERFIELD and your hand look a bit chewed up. :open_mouth:

Haha! You called a sofa a chesterfield.

Not my hand, nor my furniture.

Her hand is scratched up from a result of the mom cat, feeling left out because the kittens get all the attention. The furniture is also taking the brunt of that too.

The kittens are going to the SPCA tomorrow… it sucks… but no one wants them :cry:

I thought it was a davenport …

Cute kittens, I already have enough. The ones I got are strays that were wandering out in the streets starving. I agree with the other poster you should get the mother fixed. If you can’t care for a bunch of kittens or have a place for them then they should be fixed right? It’s not that expensive…well it is but worth it for the kittens sake.

Yeah, you should get the mom fixed. There are FAR too many unwanted cats at shelters who never find homes and then end up being put down because the years they’ve spent confined to a cage has ridden them with dementia. It’s cruel to keep breeding them. Go to the SPCA and ask about their S.N.A.P program; it will pay for most of the cost of spaying.

Ok what’s that? The owners asked about getting the cats fixed long ago before the kittens were born… and the SPCA and the vet offered no information other than it would cost an arm and a leg to get them spayed.

The S.N.A.P program stands for Spay and Neuter Action Plan and it’s a subsidized program that helps those of us who aren’t rich, to pay for the fixing of our pets. My hubby and I used it a few years ago to get our two male kittens fixed. I think we ended up paying $10-$15 for each cat. If the SPCA is playing dumb about the program, contact Kim St. Pierre of Paws for Thought and ask her.