Kittens anyone?

Can the cats you have come from anywhere or did you have to adopt them first?

Hey smartass, did you train the cats yourself. I like the white one’s attitude…

[quote=“Soggybot”]Hey smartass, did you train the cats yourself. I like the white one’s attitude…[/quote]

Hmm!? Gotta find out how to post photos! A’ll be Baak!
Got it! … had to make my Mac do a PC right click. I think I broke something.

you did it right, but thats not a picture :wink:

For some reason you can’t view the image properties… You should be able to right click the image and copy the image location, but coppermine seems to have an overlay or something to prevent that… Mig?

This version of phpBB only allows images with image extensions (jpg, gif, etc). This is for security reasons.

Coppermine (my version), doesn’t do that, since it uses a watermark.

So you need to find the real URL for the image and post that. I’ve posted instructions lots of times. You basically post the thumbnail URL, and replace the “thumb” with “normal”.

So that’s not a real address? it will come up in a browser URL.
I’d like to figure out how to grab a random photo thumb from coppermine and post it on my web page.

Got PHP?

<? include(""); ?>

That will give a random photo every time.

Jeez thanks! I’ve been steeling myself to tackle that RSS feed mod someday…
KISS… the concept gets too easily forgotten.
EX (should really be in tech postings):
Wanted to offer mail w spam and virus filtering only to people who wanted it. A way that users would not have to change their e-mail address. I couldn’t wrap my head around it and a tech started setting up, sent a bill for $900 and then disappeared into thin air before completion. (haha you can SEND me bills all you want. I ain’t payin for stuff I don’t get). Had some intergrated SQL database, and brock was writing a webmin module, etc.
We have a Fedora server brock & I setup w CLAM and Spamassassin. Why not put a new mx listing in the old server. If there’s an account on the Fedora server with same username & password, it should forward the mail from the server to the new one. If there isn’t, it will stay on the old server.
All customer needs to do is change the mail server to the new one.
Of course there’s minor stuff like the allow files, too.
Am I right, or am I right?

I (with a ton of help of another HTMF member who will remain nameless, but his initials are the same as an old VAX operating system), set up a new mail server a little while ago.

I didn’t use Spamassassin, but rather just used spamcop and a few other real-time blacklists. In my experience, the false positives on spamassassin were just too many. I guess it’s the industry I’m in, but many of our legitimate users tend to send lots of e-mail with ALL CAPS SUBJECTS, and tend to CC: to a lot of people. When we ran spamassassin on our CHSS server, it was constantly flagging the superintendent’s e-mail (and others) as being Spam.

The real-time black lists aren’t foolproof either, but they do take a chunk out of the spam. We can deal with spam more than we can deal with a few false positives, I guess.

Some of our users still receive a ton of spam, and it’s mainly the targetted kind, which leads me to believe their e-mail addresses are on a list somewhere, and that list is being sold and passed around. Other users receive no spam at all.

But yeah, I installed ClamAV on both the CHSS and SD52 servers, and it’s working nicely. Make sure you set it to automagically update the definitions (maybe a cronjob or something).

I just wanted to set up something until B-rock comes back from Nfld all graduated and accredited and glorious (jes raggin ya, brock) after Xmas. Then he can setup whatever he likes.
I just want to try this priority mx idea out.
BTW does your SD use wireless shots? 3 schools are across from the C.O. and I can’t figger why they don’t go ADSL…

Good job Soggybot… I had to look at it for a few seconds until it hit me.

I’ll have to teach my cat to do that. Far more expressive than peeing in my shoe…

i have a hunger for BBQ kittens tonight.

I don’t really think it matters where you got the cats from. We happened to get ours from Kim, but I think you can pick up the brochure at the SPCA, or maybe the vets? Checked out the BC SPCA website, and it says to contact your local branch regarding the SNAP program.

There are limited funds in the SNAP program which is administered by the BCSPCA. Local SPCAs are given only a limited number of vouchers which are given out on a first come-first served basis. Proof of income is also required. I’m not sure of the limit.

It was a quick job but it actually looks a lot better at higher res.

It’s a lot more fun when one has time to play!

Still looks fake …!