Kitimat Concert 2004

Anyone in Kitimat on this site?
Seeking information on how to purchase tickets for the upcoming Nazareth Concert on July 31, 2004.

Where to buy them and how much it would cost if anyone knows.



phone Alcan… I know they are currently selling them to their employees, but not sure if they are selling them to the public at this time.

Warped Tour was great, I will post pictures and video clips on Sunday or Monday when I’m home again.

Yes, that’s what I have heard. But arent there about 1000 employees?
And they get 2 tickets each to purchase. I wonder how many people can attend? :open_mouth:

Yeah I believe they have over 1500 employees here in Kitimat. So I wouldn’t be surprised if you are SOL. Especially considering that those old folks go nuts over bands like that. Oh the joy of feeling young again!

Just like Canucks tickets… the people that really want them are SOL because certain people get to buy them all up first.

If they are sold out, I will listen to them in my mp3 player. AGAIN! :open_mouth:

ya my dad works at alcan and im pretty sure all those tickets are gonna be gone. :smiling_imp:

Look for people that want to scalp them.

anyone know where to get the tickets yet?

Still asking around. Alcan still never contacted me. Wait I will try to call again.

Here is the number.

(250) 639-8760


Well anyways. I think there are 1500 emplyees and they get first shot. They are alowed two tickets each to purchase. 3000 right there. I wonder how much people that hall could hold.

Do a search for Alcan Kitimat.

I would phone the Tamitik arena, since the concert is being held at that location. I am not sure of the phone number, so tough titties on that one.
And as for a website, if perhaps you haven’t located the Kitimat site, it is hosted at on the left of the page you will notice menu in yellow font, locate and click on ‘50th Celebration.’ A list of events will appear.

632-8970 for the riverlodge… they’ll give u the tamitik number :smiley: or use the phone book

love hurts… :cry:

can’t get ahold of them, and my friend said he had it, and gave me 1-800-weare18

NOOOO!! :cry: :cry:

i called 250-632-8955 and the lady said u cannot order the tickets, tickets will go on sale tomorrow at sight and sound in terrace, and you have to be over the age of 18 :unamused: :cry:

The Tamitik Arena isn’t that huge… I highly doubt it can fit 3000 even with the floor standing room only.

I will stand out in the cold tonight at midnight and wait till s&s opends. I will be wearing a black leather jacket and a pink bandana. My concert clothes.
LOL! If anyone want tickets. :laughing:


you’d actually spend money on nazareth?

man kitimat does suck.

your dumb, what do u listen to? techno? rap?

if so that explains you