Just Call them O'Biden

Mr. Obama has selected his running mate and Mr. Biden hit the ground running as they say…

Must admit I chuckled each time that Obama and Biden paid tribute to Springfield (kept expecting to hear Homer Simpson going whoo hoo, Springfield Rocks!)

Thought his speech today was just the right scene setter for the upcoming US presidential campaign. It would appear that the VP to be if elected is going to be the Obama teams pit bull, taking on the McCain agenda and its Bush traits.

Thought his line about how Americans each night sit around the kitchen table to worry about bills while John McCain can’t remember which kitchen table to sit at was one of the best zingers of the campaign all year…

Should be an interesting race now, be interesting to see who Mr. McCain selects as his running mate now…


Agreed.  I’m betting the Mormon bot is at the top of McCain’s short list.

If I were John MyCane, I would get Jeb Bush as a VP candidate, then drop out just before election day. 

You should be a Republican strategist, they always said Jeb was the smart Bush.

If the party is going to be attacked because of the Bush agenda, may as well have a Bush to counter the argument…

It’s indicative as to how bankrupt the Republicans are as far as talent goes, that the former Governor of Florida really would be their best shot at keeping the White House…

I told my husband about this zinger and he loved it. I know Biden has a bit of a reputation for foot-in-mouth disease but if his handlers are cunning enough, it’s this kind of pitbull that Obama needs in his corner to help get his ratings up and win this damn election. Not that I’m a fan of Obama by any means but I’ve not seen any serious indications from the McCain camp that it would not be business as usual if he was elected.

Saffron-pissed at the fact US politics have to mean anything to Canadians but sadly realising it does.

Exactly.  If the US economy goes down the tubes they’ll drag us along for the ride.  Obama doesn’t walk on water, but, he’s better than McSame.

I love the Biden zingers, who cares if they piss people off?  I love the Giuliani sentence structure one.

It was kind of funny when Obama mis-spoke and introduced Biden as the next “President of the United States” only to quickly re-introduce the proper order of the line up for the Big Chair in the Oval Office.

Had it been Hillary he was announcing that day, I’m pretty sure the Clinton folks would have had the CLINTON/Obama signs already printed up with Madam C as the big print name…


DNC Chairman Howard Dean kicked off the Democratic National Convention today.  Obama speaks on Thursday.  Hopefully this will give the Dems a bit of a bump in the polls.  Ted Kennedy gave a rousing speech today.


LOL, did Dean give out his patented scream to kick things offÉ

Watched the Ken Burns film before Ted Kennedy■s speech, sure wish I had someone like Burns to tell my story.

Ted■s speech was pretty good considering his current health troubles, he touched all his bases, the health care battles, the need for change… Not quite the same performace as in the past, but still impressive and truly motivational for the Dems.

The introductory film to Mrs. Obama addressed a few of those Republican attacks, and now she gives her speech, shall check back later to see what ya■ll thought of it.,

Heh-heh, no Dean didn’t howl for the masses this time.  I thought Michelle’s speech was an articulate affirmation of why Senator Obama deserves the trust of the American people.
Too bad they didn’t devote at least a few minutes to bashing George Bush.  Hopefully they’ll get down to business in the next three days.

The Onion:

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I thought that Mrs. Obama provided a more than adequate rebuttal of all those Republican whispers of late, she apparently loves her country, her children, supports her troops and wants to make sure that all Americans can get health care. 

Jeez maybe she should run for President…

The whole segment was well crafted (as we knew it would be) from mama telling us how proud she is of her little girl now a woman to her brother providing perhaps the crushing blow to the Republicans, Michelle and her brother watched the Brady Bunch, sheesh you can’t get more wonder bread than that.

Her address was thoughtful, well delivered and the fact that she even has to declare her love of country to me seems odious, such has been the negativity of the Republican pit bulls.

Man if ever McCarthyism will make a comeback it will be with the likes of the party that George has trashed these last eight years… 

I think if we can borrow a phrase from Dubya, for Michelle tonight was mission accomplished.

Now the Dems can sit back and relive the good times with Bill and Hill, let Joe Biden take on the McBush agenda and of course prepare for what should be a humdinger of a closing address from the nominee himself.

Barack Obama was nominated by acclimation this afternoon as the Democratic Party nominee for President.

During the official roll call of the states, New Mexico gave way to Illinois, which gave way to New York.

The theatrics of all of that resulted in Hillary Clinton addressing the convention, asking the gathering to suspend the roll call (while still counting the votes) and to place Obama’s name in nomination by acclimation.

With that drama out of the way the Democrats now wait for the two key speeches of the night VP nominee Joe Biden  and the much anticipated address of Bill Clinton.

So will it be the Good Bill or the Bad Bill that takes to the stage later tonight?

Good Bill. If Obama loses the election then Hillary is primed for 2012. If he wins, Chelsey is primed for 2016. Bill will now jump out in front of the parade and pretend he’s leading it.

It would be good to see Bill go after Mycane.  I’m curious to see what happens:-)  I suspect he’ll rally the troops and get them ready for the Fall campaign.  I think Biden will be good.

LOL Chelsea in 2016, hadn’t even thought of that, but heck if she has some of her mom’s smarts and her dad’s political radar she’d probably make a pretty good candidate.

Though the idea of only two families able to provide candidates for the Presidency is bizarre, surely someone other than a Bush or a Clinton can run every once and a while… :smiley:

Anyhow for tonight,

I think it will be the Good Bill…

He’s thinking legacy time now, no one wants to remember him as the guy who pissed on O’bamas leg…

He won’t attack McCain outright, but will clearly outline how misguided he has become in his recent attraction to the Bush/Cheney ways. You have to be careful when going after McCain, he is considered a genuine hero down there and rightfully so.

He also was eight years ago the guy that most exemplified a hope for change, it’s rather ironic that he traded that positioning spot to fall into step with the failing policies of the Bush/Cheney era.

I think Clinton will rebuild his image with the african american community, it took a bit of a self inflicted kicking during the primary season when he threw out some questionable jabs at Obama.

Overall though I think it will be one of those legendary Clinton speeches, (though he apparently only has ten minutes they say, good luck with the stopwatch on that).

He’ll probably call on Democrats to fight to regain their country, fight to change the culture of America these days and of course fight to elect Barack Obama as the next President of the United States.

Now whether he really believes any of that stuff, well who knows, but its politics you have to deliver the message of the day and right now in Denver the message is to get Obama elected…

I really like Mrs. Obama. When I get loaded she reminds me of my mom, Whitney Houston.

I love it… El Harpo is peeing himself that Obama might win…

:smiley: :smiley:

Ha-ha, I love it! :smiley: 
Tonight is Obama’s moment in history, the first African American to accept the nomination for President of the USA.
I’m curious to see if the Democrats get a bump in the polls as a result of this convention.