Just Call them O'Biden

I’m a bit of a cynic, but, I found Obama’s speech quite emotional tonight.  A brilliant affirmation of Democratic principals and a scathing condemnation of the absolute failure of G.W. Bush.
Obama has a chance! :smiley:

I liked his “Vote for McCain and take a 10% chance of change” remark.

Yes.  That was classic.  I find it remarkable that Obama had the whole damn speech memorized,  not one glace at a teleprompter.
Let us see how the geriatric senator from Arizona does:-)  I hear they’re having problems getting enough people together to fill a stadium…giggle

He has those see-through HUD-type teleprompters, no need to even glance down.  But no doubt he had it memorized as well.

Yes.  I know they have those cool transparent teleprompters that you can’t see with the cameras.  But, I swear, I never saw him look towards where a prompter would be…he was always making eye contact with different sectors of his audience.
Okay.  I’ll admit it.  I’m an Obama fan:-)

Ah man that was a masterpiece of wordcraft.

He touched on all the “questions” that the Republicans have thrown up there, provided a clear and sane option for change and connected with the average American like few politicians seem to be able to manage.

It was perhaps the best delivered and most charged address since Bobby Kennedy spoke so eloquently after the assaniation of Martin Luther King, a speech that probably did more to avert a civil war and refocus the American people to the task at hand than anything that anyone else could have ever accomplished.

For me Obama seems like the real deal, he’s offering hope for a better day where the last eight years have only trafficked in fear, suspicion and cynical duplicity.

I can’t for the life of me see why they wouldn’t choose this guy to try and pull their nation out of the incredible mess that the Bush/Cheney cabal has put them in.  But old ways can be hard to turn.

I hope they give him and themselves a chance for a much better society.

It won’t be easy, but after his speech tonight there can be no one that doesn’t know where he stands, what he believes in and what he has to offer to America.

I have no idea how the Republicans bankrupt of ideas as they are will counter him, but big business and the corporate agenda will surely circle their wagons and try to sidetrack an agenda that puts people frst.

Hopefully the Americans see through it all and mark their X’s appropriately on election day.

The GOP will do what they do best, they will use negative advertisements.  I think that Obama has a chance in November because he’s countering their stupidity with well-crafted rebuttals.
It will be up to the people in November.  I truly hope that America opts for the change.  The alternative is too depressing to even consider.

Interesting! :smile:  MyCain has a running mate, a very young VP.

[quote] (CNN) – Sen. John McCain has picked Alaska Gov. Sarah as his running mate, a senior McCain campaign official told CNN on Friday.
Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, seen in a February photo, will be John McCain’s running mate, sources say.
Palin, 44, who’s in her first term as governor, is a pioneering figure in Alaska, the first woman and the youngest person to hold the state’s top political job.[/quote]


I don’t follow American politics that closely,  but I have to say I think Obama should have picked Hillery as his running mate.

I disagree.  Although Clinton is a good politician she has too much baggage for Obama.  The GOP would have loved it if Obama picked Clinton.  Biden is a better pick for Obama, he won’t feed the GOP negative attack machine.

i just seen this on youtube.
its from  Dana Carvey, Squatting Monkeys Tell No Lies

fast forward to 05:38 to watch Dana joke about Barack Hussein Obama