Just call them McCailin

So John McCain pulls one out of “right field” with his selection of the recently minted Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential selection.

You know this is terrible to admit, but I didn’t even know who the Governor of Alaska was until this morning, more indicative of my ignorance on our neighbours politics than anything else though.

I’ve found a link to the Alaska Daily News ( a slightly more investigative paper than our version of the same name), which has been posting all sorts of commentary through the day since the big announcement.


Not sure what this all means, whether the Republicans figure all is lost and just wanted to break down a few barriers for themselves, or if they honestly figure that those 18 million Hillary supporters are ready to give up on Pro choice vibes and go with a gun toting, big oil supportin’ Caribou hunter from Anchorage’s suburbs…

Selecting a candidate who is presently under investigation over a firing of a state trooper (her former brother in law) certainly makes for a brave move from McCain, not sure what he does if she gets into deeper water before November 4.

Plus her endorsement for governor at the time by Ted Stevens (who currently is set to go to trial over a string of charges) will surely be mentioned by the Democrats sometime before election day I suppose.

(Update: even better Sen Ted, endorsed her again today…  politico.com/blogs/thecrypt/ … cCain.html. )

Tis an interesting choice, and one the Obama folks will have to be pretty tentative around until they can figure out the right approach…

So what do ya’ll think of the selection.

I remember McCain a few years ago on The Daily Show, and how he was blasting the Christian Right for taking over the Republican party and driving the bus.  Now he’s firmly in their camp, and so is Palin.  Now all they have to do is pull out the gay marriage card, and everybody will come out and vote.

I think he’s trying to get the female vote (the ones who wanted Hillary to get the nom) and perhaps trying to make the party look a little more sexy-she pushes the right buttons of youth, relative good looks, and religion and the fact she’s packing may to appeal to the south but I think he’s have to make it clear in the backrooms that she’d be considered more of a figurehead than a real pit-bull like Biden would be because after Hillary, both sides of the ticket have issues with women and the White House or at least that’s the feeling I am getting.


I think I’m going to enjoy watching the debate between Palin and Biden. :smile:

She won’t get any of Hillary’s supporters, being the political opposite. 

She also shoots down McCain’s main attack vector on Obama.  He’s stressing that you wouldn’t want Obama to be in charge of the military because he has no experience.  Well, you wouldn’t want to vote for McCain now, because when he dies in office, it would mean someone with even less experience would be Commander-in-Chief.

Anything is possible.  Remember this is the same country that voted in George W. Bush!

Hey don’t forget she’s Commander in chief of the Alaska National Guard… :sunglasses:

The same state we’re patrolling the airspace for, as their F15s are in for refit.
OMG they think more of our air force than we do! :confused:

Debate over the choice of Palin rages on over message boards around the world…I’ve seen staunch feminists who were willing to cross the line and vote for Hillary before Obama got the upper hand (because they’d do anything to have a woman in control) heave a sigh of relief that they can support the GOP and female Republicans who were dubious about voting for McCain feeling better about heading to the polls and even a few female Dems who seem to hate the fact that Obama chose an old-school guy for his side-kick and are now debating where to place their vote come November.

My head hurts.

More revealingly, one poster I know from Alaska has nothing but harsh words for her VP-elect and says that she’d rather move to Canada than endure a GOP triumph with Ms. Palin in a position being “one bad heart-beat” away from leading the free world. 


Even Mayor Herb has weighed in on the presumptive nominee for the GOP…

For those who don’t browse any further than the main htmf page here (ie: dont’ scroll down any further), I posted a link on Podunk to the Mayor’s obersvations to the Vancouver Sun about Mrs. Palin and her quest for office (he also explains to a fashion, his position on the offshore oil drilling debate for BC, but that’s a topic for a different time)

atowncalledpodunk.blogspot.com/2 … 5018346450


The reason McCain did this is pretty obvious to everyone.  He’s trying to beat Obama at his own game and it’s just not going to work.  Even Americans aren’t THAT stupid.

I hope you’re right!  They did after all elect Bush twice. :smile:

Once.  By playing the old faithful right-wing Christian gay marriage card.  Sure we went from having the best economy ever to the worst ever in 4 years, we’re in a war we can’t win, the world hates us, we’re devaluing the currency, etc.  But vote for me, and I’ll make sure gays can’t marry!

Gore had more votes in Florida in 2000, remember, but the counting was stopped.

Right.  Bush was the President-select in 2000:-)  I still remember that hanging-chad fiasco.

Heh, Palin mentioned Hilary’s name at a campaign spot and was met with boos today.

[quote]WASHINGTON, Pennsylvania (CNN) – This might not be the best way to reach out to those disillusioned Hillary Clinton supporters.

In just her second appearance on the campaign trail with John McCain, newly-minted GOP running mate Sarah Palin was showered with boos on Saturday for attempting to praise Clinton’s trail-blazing bid to become the first female president.

As she did at in her debut speech in Ohio yesterday, Palin appealed to the women in the crowd here in Pennsylvania with a political shout-out to Geraldine Ferraro, who preceded Palin as the first women to be tapped as a vice presidential candidate. The reference was met with polite applause.

But in contrast with the mild reception that greeted the comment at the Ohio event, when Palin praised Clinton here for showing “determination and grace in her presidential campaign,â€[/quote]

Last night’s Daily Show and Colbert Report were awesome.  I really liked the way Samantha Bee expressed her “approval” of Palin just because she had a vagina, even though they are political opposites.  It sums up the way the Republican think about the voters.

CTV even covered that, mentioning she is the “Anti-Hilary” to the American pundits claim she would steal votes of women angry that Clinton lost.
Palin is anti-abortion and a pro-gun NRA supporter

Since I live in Obama’s state that he represents in the Senate, I can tell you he’s just like any other politician, say anything for votes, making promises he can’t keep, etc. 

There was a big Maytag factory 30 mins from me that he stopped at on his campaign for Senate.  There was talk the factory would be closed and outsourced.  Obama told everyone how he wasn’t going to let that happen.  A year or 2 later, it happened and after that factory closed, 2 others followed suit.

There aren’t too many jobs around here now that don’t involve fast food or Wal-mart type job.  I’m thankful I was lucky to find one though and a very good one at that.

bitsandpieces.us/wp-content/uplo … aginas.jpg


Interesting article in the National Review, a rather right wing and decidedly Republican publication…

article.nationalreview.com/?q=MD … UxZDkwNTE=

With friends like these… :imp: