Joy Thorkelson Shenanigans

I heard that Joy Thorkelson was spotted once having a beer and a cheese burger at Shenanigans in Vancouver. I don’t have video of it though.

I swear to God I’m going to pistol-whip the next person who says shenanigans.

That would be a rather uncivil bit of shenanigans don’t you think :imp:?

Wasn’t that the name of the bar on “Day of our lives.” ?

Now here is a man who is completely comfortable with himself.  :smile:

BTW, I was more of an “Another World” kind of guy! :sunglasses:

Or a guy with lots of diapers to change… :smiley:

I’ve been told that Shenanigans was the bar on Days more than 10 years ago.

It is an awesome name for a bar.

Awesome name for a restaurant too…

[quote=“Deja Vu”]
Awesome name for a restaurant too…

And its one of Robson St.'s biggest gay bars.[/quote]

Oh Joy!..maybe she was looking for an upgrade :smiley:

Never checked it out but I think you’re wrong. None of my gay friends have ever mentioned Shenanigans when they’re talking about hitting a gay bar in Vancouver.

On at least one night a week, that place is filled with men-seeking-men. Up until I left in 2006, that seemed to be the case. Could be wrong and, er, of course not that it matters but I thought, well if Joy was going there to meet sailor men, she might not meet the ones she was looking for… actually I have no idea where this thread is going.

So it’s a part-time gay bar?? Well, that is different. I guess it’s kind of like having karaoke once a week.

To the Wasteland I hope.

[quote=“Max Power”]
So it’s a part-time gay bar??[/quote]

As in a bar that is a gay bay part of the time?  Or a bar for men who are gay part of the time?

Both are not unheard of in Lotus Land.


Agreed.  This is a fun thread:-)