Joe Biden beats Trump

Mig, I love the parody accounts on twitter. Some are so good I get fooled.

But I am pretty sure this one is real. In response to a claim that the election machines were corrupted some one tweeted this.

I am on edge and losing hope. I’m scared for our Country. I’m not mentally prepared to start killing people in a civil war.

Her bio says wife, mother and basset hound lover. She is a basset hound lover with a cute picture of her basset hound and she worries that she is not mentally prepared to start killing people. I just hope the basset isn’t a Son of Sam demon dog encouraging her.

Someone responded:

No one will ever be mentally prepared but when we believe in our country and what it stands for we will become soldiers. Without a doubt.

I honestly don’t know if I should laugh or cry or cower in some underground bunker.

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Laughing and crying makes cowering in your bunker bearable. We’re living during strange days, my friend.

Me thinks we’ve been there before…paranoia and slightly delusional thought processes seem to be part of American culture most times but even more so during times of stress. As you descend into your bunker might I suggest a couple of films to watch when you’re laughed or cried out:

Dr, Strangelove; a great film with a catchy tune at the end.

Manchurian Candidate; ignore Sinatra’s singing.

Patton: we all can strive to be as American and loyal as he.

Seven Days in May


Each film should restore your paranoia and get you laughing and crying again.
The point is: the extreme right has always been present in American politics: remember Joe McCarthy? Sadly, it has become more prominent over the last years by being popularized by media both mainstream and social.
May you live in interesting times…a curse that takes on new meaning at the beginning of each day.
“We’ll meet again…”

Add The Plot Against America to that list.

Q: If the election was not rigged how in hell could an impeached liar who’s killed a quarter million Americans by neglect get 70 million votes?
And yes, I do know millions of patriotic Yanks have been cowering under their beds from the Soshulist Bogeyman since 1953. I even have personal friends who will never, ever vote NDP because their parents grew up under communism (whatever that has to do with anything).

I have never tweeted, but when I am bored I go to Trump’s twitter account, see what nonsense he is tweeting and then read a few of the comical replies.

But the other day I started reading the tweets of a random Trump supporter which is how I came across the basset lover who worries about being mentally unprepared for killing in a civil war.

I would have been disappointed if Trump had won, but there is no way I would be claiming a rigged election. If I heard somebody saying that there was evidence of fraud, I might cross my fingers, but I would never - ever - embarrass myself by making such a flimsy claim unlike many high ranking Trump supporters let alone ordinary folks who we might excuse.

But what I find most troubling is when I was reading the responses to the Trump supporter and being bombarded by people saying “this that and the other thing” about election fraud, it is hard not to think “Is that possible?”

Couple of years ago I read a book on conspiracy theories and the thrust of the book was that past conspiracy theories at least had some kind of reasonable evidence to back up the claim. A grassy knoll or the speed in which a tower collapses. Now it is just “could it happen?” And if someone wants it to be true no matter how outrageous the claim may be, its gotta be true.

So if a reasonably logical person (me) is thinking for a moment “could that be possible” (and almost anything is possible) imagine what it is doing to someone who is less logical, who desperately wants Trump to be president, and allows themselves to be bombarded constantly by their twitter or facebook or whatever bubble?

Don’t worry Chien22. I watched the first three of your recommended movies 20 years ago when my mum and I rented the top 100 movies of all time over the course of a year. Instead I am going to finish the last 1/4 of a novel about the seedier side of big city. I’m good.

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Shit leaking from his brain…

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In 59 days they’ll drag Trump kicking and screaming from the WH. I would pay for that live stream. Heh. :slight_smile:

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How much are people willing to embarrass themselves. Appears there is no limit.

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That’s nauseating. It is interesting to note that even Fox News has called out the orange menace; rthey’ve let him know that he should move on.