Joe Biden beats Trump

AP News has called it. Joe Biden wins.

But here’s a flashback to 1992. When another 1-term Republican president lost a re-election bid. About 1 minute into the video, George Bush delivers, in 2 minutes, more class than Trump has delivered in 4 years.


Anyone taking odds on Trump resigning today?


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Now - Trump/Pence meet behind closed doors.
Couple days from now - Trump throws tantrum on national TV, resigns. “I’m taking my ball ad going home, you don’t love me anymore”
Next Day - Pence takes over Presidency
3 days later - Pence announces Presidential Pardon for anything Trump did or may have done while in office.
2Q 2021 - Trump still carted off to jail over tax fraud.

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Yes. Mr. Vance the DA from the Southern District of New York has stated that he’s gunning for Trump and the kids. That will be a fine day.

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Biden takes Arizona. I think Biden will take Georgia in the next little while. Trump continues to sulk in the WH.

I see the Stop the Steal is having a rally in Washington, 1000s of Trumpets are gathering because they believe the election was stolen. :roll_eyes:

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Yes. It is difficult to understand that 70 million voters opted for the orange menace even after Covid-19, corruption, etc., etc.
I’m glad that the Biden/Harris team is forging forward. I’m hopeful that Biden is sworn in with minimal drama.

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Because Biden is an extreme leftist. Almost as commie as Joe Clark and Stephen Harper.
Besides, Trump would bring back coal mining jobs and build more shitty American cars people will buy. And China’s paying all those tariffs.

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I am fascinated by this whole - I can’t think of the right word - thing.

I spend more time on twitter than I should. My favourite tweet so far is this one.

“I hope Trump goes back to hosting celebrity apprentice but this time whenever he tries to fire anyone, they sue him and refuse to leave” (Sara Cooper)

This morning Trump tweeted this: I WON!

Not “the voting isn’t certified yet and we still have a chance”. I WON!

It is just so remarkable. I never watched The Apprentice. I always joked that the only reality TV show I watched was professional wrestling. Donald Trump is in the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame for a grudge feud he had with owner Vince McMahon (the Battle of the Billionaires) which Trump won resulting in McMahon being shaved bald. Great entertainment if you follow wrestling.

But the wrestling motif is all of Trump’s schtick. Taunting opponents. Riling up the crowd. Strutting. Making bold predictions. And then when you lose, claim it was rigged that your opponent cheated (a foreign object, etc). Demanding a rematch at Wrestlemania.

And what is most remarkable is the number of people including high ranking Republicans who can’t see that this act is phonier (more delusional?) than wrestling itself. It is beyond crazy.

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Indeed! I have conservative friends who support Trump. It is difficult to understand.

To be honest Hitest, I get why some conservatives might support Trump. I would have voted for anybody to get rid of Harper or Clark. My Bernie supporting (and did vote Biden) sister-in-law who lives in a bright red state says there is such a fear of socialism that people would vote for anybody to keep even a relative centrist like Biden out of office.

What I don’t get is the fawning, cultish lovefest they have for a deeply flawed human being. The guy has broken 9 of the 10 commandments (all of them if you count his incompetent handling of the pandemic) yet evangelicals think he is the second coming.

But even that takes second place to the “rigging” of the elections claim - the undermining of the “great democracy”. And when questioned the explanations are bizarre. Of course, I am getting this from twitter but …

Question: If the election were rigged why did house democrats lose seats. Why did Republicans keep the Senate?
Answer: Because they didn’t want to make it obvious.

Claim: This election fraud has been going on forever. It needs to stop.
Response: So the 2016 election was rigged?
Answer: No that one was legit.

I need a bunch of books, a setlist of 60s music, and a dark cave until January 20 and even that may not be enough.


Although I agree substantially with both hitest’s comments and DWhites I found looking briefly at the Trump family relationship with Norman Vincent Peale and the Marble
Collegiate Church in understanding Trump’s mind frame and religious claims interesting. As for those who follow and believe in a simplistic right wing ideology…we have more than enough believers in Canada (I.e look at those who follow Ford, Kenney and recent incarnations of the Conservatives) party to worry about the states.

No doubt chien22. I wonder how much all of this has to do with our electoral system. The CPC is an amalgam of Reformers and old Tories of the Joe Clark, Brian Mulroney, Robert Stanfield variety. Harper managed to keep it together but I wonder if the public now is seeing it as too much of a Reformer party and rejecting it. Same with the BC Liberals an alliance of true liberals with old Socreds and social conservatives, Social conservatism doesn’t play too well today. The federal Liberals have always been able to suck votes from the right wing of the NDP and the left wing of the Tories. Horgan who is more a centrist than a radical has sucked votes away from the left side of the BC Liberals.

I really don’t know enough about other provinces but except for Alberta I think there are enough choices to make political parties work more to the centre. Watching Ford right now during the pandemic I think he is actually seeing that there is more to governing than the populist small government BS that he ran on.

In the states the two party system is almost unworkable. The Democrats have the Biden types trying to reign in the Bernie types and the Republicans have, at least from my limited view, pretty much driven out any of the moderates they once had. Mitch McConnell is dangerous. Maybe the US needs a viable third maybe fourth party where people can park their vote, but I don’t how that would work in an antiquated electoral college system. (Now I am going to look up if individual states use an electoral college to elect governors.)

Anyway I really have no clue what I am trying to say, but between covid and winter weather I am looking for some interesting conversation. Thanks.

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