Job's in Rupert

just thought I would bring this up. last week the manager from a company in town was on the news…complaining he had to look further threw BC for workers. as he can not find anyone to work in town… this makes me a little angry as for my self and a few others out there did apply, never got a call at all.I called down and even talked to the manager, he told me they have not looked threw the resume’s yet, how hard is it to be a cashier anyway… can’t find anyone in town. I can’t beleive that I know alot of people in town looking for work. to sit there and say that on TV, makes me wonder what they are really looking for.with the port getting closer to getting up and running, there are a few people out there that are not trained for that type of a job.including me , and are willing to take on something else. why is it the stores in town are being so picky on who they hire. what are they going to do when the  bigger store’s open cry over that to… maybe we will see them open 3 days a week, some of us either like or dislike our jobs we have today. I am sure there is alot more guy’s or lady’s out there looking for work . when company’s like this complain and have to close because not enough workers , to me it’s there fault not ours. we are all there to help its just are we good enough for them . NO… you would think that the company’s in town would like to see the ones that lived here for years work here first. i just feel sorry for the ones that want to work and can’t  because the manager’s in this town bye pass the resume’s that are dropped off to close this I would just like to add I do have a job now and enjoy what I do. and to all others looking for work in town don’t give up, other company’s will be opening there doors soon enough.

I’m glad that you found something that you enjoy doing.  Good for you!  Hopefully it’s not as an editor, just kidding - apostrophes always cause difficulty.

Just a tip, do not take this the wrong way.

As an employer I receive dozens of unsolicited resumes each year.  Many of them are full of spelling mistakes.

There are dozens of spelling and grammar mistakes in your post.  Either you don’t know how to write properly, or you don’t want to bother to take the time.

Either way, as an employer any resume that looks like this goes straight into the garbage.

I suggest you have a friend review your resume and correct all the spelling.  That would go a long way toward getting you a job.

Please do not take offense at this post, it is meant to help you.

Its hard to find a good worker in this town.  Or a resume that does not say “work good with others” and “Fast Learner”

And is a “Works template” but its obvious they didn’t learn spellcheck.

I’ve hired about 35 people since our shop opened, I can count the ones worth their pay on one hand. Advice I can offer jobhunters:

  1. DEPENDABLE: actually showing up for work on time, day after day. No sick, have appt’s the day before or the day after every damned long weekend. Mon & Friday are important.
  2. $10 an hour, 7.5 hrs a day, 5 days a week BEATS on call $15 an hour 5 hours a week.
  3. Enthusiasm
  4. CSR skills. You have to understand the bitchiest, whiniest, rudest customer must be told to wait their turn. The second you jump the queue for them is the second you enable their behaviour and allowed them to treat you as a lesser person
  5. Turn off your cell phone or leave it in your car. DO NOT EVEN THINK OF installing MSN or Limewire on a work computer.

herb I understand what you are saying. i guess the thing that bothered me was I do not drink .  I am willing to work weekends anything that I can get , I did get my resume done at the human res centre also  known as the edge , I am not in my 20’s either. I am in my 40’s  so i am not the best speller , but that is why I am not sitting at a desk. I am not one for that. I like physical work… sitting in one place is just not me… hey and I don’t even own a cell phone. I also worked with the cruise ship’s a few yrs ago… due to the ferry thing I am no longer able to do that. I know alot of ppl are not like me or you but I guess I just got a little chocked that I had applyed for a job there and did not even give me the time of day. then here them complain there is not help in this town.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but the resume that you submit to a business will speak volumes about you.  Take the time to edit your resume for grammar, spelling, capital letters, etc.  Or have someone edit your writing for you.  If your resume has a professional appearance you may be more likely to get that screening interview:-)
Good luck with the job hunting! :smiley:

  1. Be careful what you put on the internet. Some employers will google search you. Yes I do :wink:

If you googled this guy you may ask “Why aren’t you touring anymore”?

Sometimes if you’re older, meeting the managers beats the snot out of a resume.
Most of the jobs I applied for when I was over 25 they didn’t even look, other than references.

Nepotism and who you know makes the world go round:-)

Well it’s certainly the mantra of Prince Rupert… 

Just another little tip…Don’t hand in LONG resumes!  They are usually turfed and most of the time, I have to say, seem padded with maybe?? exaggerrated work experience etc. We only need the facts …Just the facts and don’t forget to list volunteer work. Volunteer-ism is a plus and shows a genuine work ethic and quantifies your work experience.  Good Luck out there, there has seemed to be an upswing in the number of jobs advertised in the “snooze” anyway!

As an employer in Prince Rupert as well… I have determined one thing is for sure:

Everyone wants a job… but not everyone is willing to WORK.

So, I get 20+ resumes a week.  15 of those end up going in the garbage right away because A) They have stolen from us, or hang out with thieves; B) Their resume is so riddled with mistakes it’s hard to read; C) I know ahead of time these “kids” do more “extra-curricular-activities” re: drinking, smoking up, delinquency etc, than my entire current staff put together; or D) They come in with their resume, dressed like a slob, and leave their resume at the counter, without even so much as either introducing themselves, or asking for the manager or assistant.

If you want a job, and are willing to work, you have to SHOW the employer what you are made of, and first impressions are everything.  If you want to work in the Customer Service field, you HAVE to show that you are willing to talk, and can readily strike up a conversation with someone you don’t even know.  What better person to do that with, than the person that could hire you!

This post wasn’t directed at anyone in particular, just a rant about the current subject.  I’m sick and tired of trying to find GOOD workers in this town… it’s not as easy as everyone thinks. 

Here for fun, congrats on finding a job that you enjoy :smiley:

This whole thing is hopefully going to work out well for my family. Now that my son is older my wife will be looking to enter the job market. Hopefully by the time she is looking there will be a few opportunities for her.

Short on brains long on gall: a motto in the Fort.
I’ve had several people who’ve given the complete rant on why they’d never shop locally, especially at our shop (we don’t finance, might go broke before warranty is out, charge mor than Costco), complain I didn’t hire their kids.
Smooth move, as I had no idea before the kid belonged to that whiner…

As an employer in Prince Rupert as well… I have determined one thing is for sure:

Everyone wants a job… but not everyone is willing to WORK.[/quote]

I totally agree.

Here is another tip for job seekers, especially for those who will be working with the public.

Get rid of the nose rings and other piercings.  You might think they look cool.  Most people think they look disgusting.

Another thing…

Showing up for work on time makes a big difference.  Five minutes late might not seem like such a big deal to you, but it says a lot about your work ethic.

you’re ass is stuck in the past…just because somebody has a tattoo/piercing does not mean they are a bad choice in hiring…it’s that attitude that sends those of us who are willing to work hard back to alberta to find a job.  I’ve got tats and disgusting piercings and i was here one day and had a job that pays twice what any job there would.  it’s people like yourself that will ensure rupert does not evolve. 

I’m not against piercings or tattoos…I have a few tattoos myself.  I do think though that having very obvious piercings or tattoos on your face or body could be a hinderance in getting employed.  An employer wants their staff to be accepted by the public as they are in many cases the face of a business.  Not all people, however narrow minded it may be , are as open as things like tattys and piercings as you and I are.  It just makes better business sense to hire a neutral looking and approachable face than one with half a dozen rings in it or tattoos up the neck.

If and only if your business is geared towards the neutral looking, middle of the fence type person I suppose.  A neutral looking person would be out of place in a tattoo shop.  It’s all relative.  This past Sunday I had the wonderful experience of listening to a speaker at our church who was outfitted in biker’s clothing - not usually what one expects to see.  It’s all relative, but the owner of the store has the final say, I guess.