Is this a good monitor? … 97&CatId=0

I can’t speak for the monitor but I noticed your link is for Tiger Direct. I have had two bad experiences with them and thier shitty customer service. As far as I’m concerned NCIX is the only option for online ordering in Canada. I have built three complete computers using products ordered from them. I find thier prices competitive and thier customer service is excellent.

My own monitorthat I just got this summer is a Samsung 940B and I love it. Great monitor all around, even for gaming, and not that expensive. I got it through NCIX and they even offered a zero dead pixel guarantee.


How much is shipping from Tiger Direct?

I have the Acer 2016, it’s okay that’s all. I’m gonna go back to my budget 19" NU as the widescreen format is useless on my PC.
Also can’t understand their 16:10 ratio. It should be 16:9 WTF is inventing an aspect ratio out of thin air. The advertised display can’t be accessed by my Geoforce6600 and the text displays are shitty on the 2016. Can’t ssh to the servers and even read the display.
TigerDirect can be a killer for shipping. My last order included a couple UPS batteries and shipping was over $70

Ive heard all good things about this monitor, just wanted to know if anyone has tried it.  And the advertised display can be accessed by your 6600, I remember reading you just have to get the latest monitor drivers.  The only bad things, which i dont even know if it is bad is the pixel pitch is 0.28.  Is that bad for a 22-inch widescreen monitor?

Yeah there prices are competitive, but Im sure that their customer service would be alot better if you understood chinese…

The company i work for buys all the stuff for our computers from tiger. Tiger rocks too. Paypal a bonus. Goot cutomer service good cusotmer support… All around good company.

Good to know because I have the latest drivers burned to CD waiting for my XP64 setup. Just waiting for my new Xerox before I try that again.
I think my main gripe is the widescreen, if i could mount it sideways it would be more useful for what I do. is better in my books than NCIX.  Mind you, I haven’t had to really deal with both companies as much as you guys have, but at least I could understand the person at the other end of the phone when I had to talk to Dangeo about a shipping issue.  NCIX on the other hand… I had to talk to them about a dead hard drive, and I had no idea what the guy on the other end was saying.

I used to shop Dangeo, becuase of the exempt PST… They’ll usually match NCIX prices anyways, but with the UPS shipping charges, it worked out to be about even…

I had a bad experience with a UPS shipment from Dangeo and asked UPS for a refund, or discount on my next shipment. They said no, so I asked Dangeo if they’d ship through another carrier, and they said no. I shop at NCIX now.

On to topic of monitors… I picked up a cheap NEC 1740CX from Futureshop today and it has a dead pixel in the upper right quadrant, out of the box… Not sure if I’ll return it or not at this point. When I was shopping for an LCD a few years back, many hardware critic sites were giving the NEC monitors good reviews for responce time, and color accuracy, but warned of high complaint volume for dead pixels. This was a 2 or 3 years ago.

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I find dealing with NCIX online is fine, because most of them have good written Engrish, but I actually walked into one of their stores, and it was pretty tough.

I might stop by Dangeo tomorrow if I have the time. I assume they have a store, other than an online one. Feeling silly for not brining my camera down to Calgary. We’re going to the Zoo tomorrow.

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