Is there s htmf app?

Does anyone know if there is an app where htmf can be viewed and used?

Hey FuzzyMonkey,

There’s no app, but if you open it up in your browser, you can add the shortcut to the home screen easily enough. If you view the site on your mobile device, it will adjust the site to be more mobile-friendly.

Here’s how you’d do that on an iPhone: (click the link to view the video)

I’ll make a video later on how to do it on an Android device – unless someone wants to make such a video first :slight_smile: I know in Chrome, for example, you can hit the ‘hamburger’ menu and click on where it says something like “add bookmark to home screen.”

Just logged in on my Droid phone. The formatting is good on Chrome.

Can you do a screencast or screenshots of adding HTMF to your home screen?

Here’s a screen grab of what it looks like on my S5.

I just went to on my phone Chrome browser and logged in with my username and password.

Ok, see those dots next to the URL? Press that.

Then press “Add to Home Screen”

Thanks, MiG. :slight_smile: That works.

After book marking HTMF you get a functional icon on your home screen.