Is LNG really dead or just Petronas project

thanks to North Coast Review for his/her wonderful blogging and digging up real facts, here is his/her latest on LNG

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The temperature in Hell has dropped half a degree so far, it may freeze over yet!
If I just buy one more 649ā€¦

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Prince Rupert always needs the

Next Big Thing :registered:

to keep the housing prices up. :slight_smile:


Its dead as far as the NDP are concerned. They just cancelled an international conference on LNG set for November.

LNG is deadā€¦good thing to, the truth is coming out as to just how dirty LNG isā€¦

LNG is the dirtiest fuel out there by farā€¦dirtier than coal

Another quote from you that youā€™re going to regret :slight_smile:


if you can read, and understand, and that is in doubtā€¦conventional natural gas(meaning not fracked) ā€¦and moving conventional natural gas through pipelinesā€¦is a fairly clean fuelā€¦

however, fracked gas is a different dealā€¦liquefaction plants lose 10% of their gas supplyā€¦into the atmosphereā€¦

fracked gasā€¦major leakage at drill/frack sitesā€¦more leakage moving fracked gas from drill sites to liquefaction sitesā€¦

thenā€¦10% loss at liquefaction plantā€¦then more leakage moving LNG overseasā€¦once in Asia, more leakageā€¦once there lng is warmed up and burned, putting those emissions into atmosphereā€¦

overallā€¦LNG is as dirty as coalā€¦

Refrain from insulting members. Weā€™ve had this chat before. Thank you.


ā€œLNG is the dirtiest fuel out there by farā€¦dirtier than coalā€ ā€“ GrantG


Grant G seems to have an obsession with LNG.

Oh who knows. Maybe he threw all his eggs in the coal basket long ago, and now heā€™s finally seeing a glimmer of hope (or mirage). :laughing:

Oh Jeez donā€™t all jump on your high horses so fast, liquefying it and shipping it across the world could likely be as bad as coal if youā€™re defining dirty as CO2 emissions and pretending scrubbing and hiding the CO2 is ā€˜clean coalā€™ to compare to.

But in all reality youā€™re burning ONE carbon atom to every 4 hydrogens with natural gas vs TEN to every 4 hydrogens with coal.
Makes it a little hard to believe!

Use the shit in our cars NOW to hell with exporting it. Interim to cracking the shit, making graphines on site and going straight hydrogen.

LNG is as dirty as coalā€¦

"Hereā€™s why:

1. Natural gas is mostly methane.

_Natural gas produces about half as much carbon dioxide as coal, but it can wreak havoc if it escapes into the atmosphere unburned. Thatā€™s because natural gas is comprised mostly of methane, an extremely potent greenhouse gas. Over the course of a century, methane will trap 34 times as much heat as an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide. _

_Problematically, natural gas is prone to leaking from pipelines, wellheads, and the nooks and crannies of processing and storage facilities. ā€œAccounting for methane leakage throughout the supply chain of natural gas, natural gas might actually be worse for the climate than coal,ā€ said Lena Moffitt, director of the Sierra Clubā€™s Stop Dirty Fuels Campaign, at a panel on energy hosted by Politico. _

As NOVA Next reported, itā€™s conceivable that leaked methane from the U.S. oil and gas sector is warming the atmosphere as much as Americaā€™s 557 coal-fired power plants. [Nearly 6,000 Natural Gas Leaks Found in Washington, D.C. ]

Thus, while the United Statesā€™ embrace of natural gas has cut carbon dioxide emissions, the country might not have put a dent in total greenhouse gas emissions, which include methane".

LNG boom will fade very fastā€¦5 years, it will all be overā€¦Watch this videoā€¦the most important part of the video is near the end, although the whole presentation is enlighteningā€¦

Clean Disruption - Why Energy & Transportation will be Obsolete by 2030 - Oslo, March 2016

Sorry folksā€¦LNG in BC is a dud, weā€™ll never make any moneyā€¦in fact if we bend over backwards and push LNG exportā€¦BCers will be paying for the privilegeā€¦


Where the fyck is that $100 billion dollar prosperity fund Christy Clarkā€¦Where is the money BC Liberal losers?

BC Liberals fyked BC up bigtimeā€¦gasā€¦frickin natural gas is everywhere

BC got fyked by BC Liberals selling out the real peopleā€¦

and what are ā€œtodayā€™s BC Liberalsā€ fighting for?..BC Liberals want unfettered name calling in our legislatureā€¦

BC Liberals fucked an entire generation, maybe twoā€¦Go to hell Christy Clarkā€¦may all you BC Liberals drop dead!

Give it a rest. This level of hatred over politics isnā€™t a positive addition here.


Kitimat property down 18% year over year

"While much of B.C. continues to see growth in assessed property values, communities in the provinceā€™s northeast and northwest saw residential real estate numbers fall in a trend realtors have connected to the failure of a promised LNG boom to materialize in the region.

B.C. Assessment released its new valuations for every property in the province on Jan. 2, based on property information and market values as of July 1, 2017.

Of the 19 municipalities that saw a decline in residential property values, seven were in the northwest region and seven were in the northeast Peace River region.

The biggest decline in the province was in Kitimat, in northwest B.C., where the average assessed value of residential properties declined by 17.9 per cent.

Market correction

Northern B.C. Real Estate Board president John Evans said the decrease in northwest B.C. was likely a market correction after promises of an LNG boom drove prices up in 2014, when Kitimat led the province in assessed value growth. "

property assessment for my Burnaby homeā€¦Year over year is upā€¦$430,000 ā€¦yup, $430Kā€¦Say hello to Mr Kristoff for meā€¦LNGā€¦Dare to dream!

Nobody up here cares about your blog and your opinion. Oh and Grant especially that your house has gone up $430k. My house assessment has gone up too.

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Donā€™t worry too much about Mr Kristoff either, he has plenty of work that keeps his company busy. Have a nice day. :grinning:

We already know people in the Lower Mainland are insane. Dad said so when someone bought the Burnaby house I grew up in for $450K. He wouldā€™ve said so louder if heā€™d closed in the carport, put vinyl siding on it and resold it for $1.3 million a couple years later.
Wouldnā€™t it be nice if Kitimat values were going up incrementally because some of the idiots down south decided to move where life is affordable instead of thru sheer speculation over some megaproject?

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