Is Chivalry dead?

Quick question folks:

Do men care about how they treat a woman on a date. I saw this article on the Globe and Mail and wondered if men and women in Prince Rupert

Well this will certainly be a lively debate once jesus finds it on the board :astonished:

My bitch is perfectly capable of opening her own doors, pulling out her own chair and doing my dishes/laundry.

Feminism has empowered her to do more with the same tools.  It’s great.


On a serious note why bother. Being nice/chivalrous doesnt get you anywhere anyway. I dont kiss a womans ass to be in her favor instead im genuinely interesting and fun to be around.


I agree with you Jesus. But sometimes it’s nice to feel treasured and such by a man. And being Chivilrous is somewhat part of that isn’t it? But as far as I’m concerned, as long as the man is being genuine in his behavior, why not let it happen? If he wants to open doors for me, pull out chairs for me, etc, let him do it. If he’s doing it because he WANTS to, not because he wants something out of it.

Not at all is it dead or dried up, I think one of the problem with that is when women years ago went on their “women Lib thing” thats where it kind of went sour, I still open doors for my lady, take my hat off walk on the right side of street, I will offer to carry bags or whatever. Ask my lady she will certainly tell you more about Chivalry. But I do believe it is partly due to the bra burning loonies from years gone by.

Ah hum, uh,  yeah.  We would never want anything but a lady’s respect.

Women’s lib is when she gets to the door first and holds it open for you.
Old fashioned chivalry is where you clue in that she’s dropped behind you to see if you do it for her and you’re being tested.
I’ve seen women with expressions of total shock when I held a door for them. “She must be Australian” always runs through my mind when that happens… then I remember I’m in northern BC where guys probably wore a baseball or greasy welder’s cap at Sunday dinner and Mom was so submissive she didn’t slap it right off their head.

Agree with you Justin,  I too open doors, carry bags etc… Though I do no trip over my own feet getting there.

    thankyou to “all men and women” who realize it’s not a chore ,but a kind gesture to be considerate of another person
Chivalry is a whole other language, and used properly can open many doors for a man or a woman

I know it’s not dead as I’m still alive. It also seems to me that chivalry is dependent on the age of the man. Boomers still have a tenuous grasp on chivalry, however not many of the younger set seem to have a grasp at all.

Personally, one of the reasons I still hold open doors, help with coats, etc., is to see the looks on others faces. It can be priceless and for me is a great source of amusement.

I’m reminded that the practice of walking on the road side when walking as a couple started because in the middle ages people would throw the contents of their chamber pots out the window. The woman being closer to the wall would avoid the mess, the man would have to be wary. Of course I can see the guy seeing this as an excuse to push in closer to the woman.

Even with chivalry men can be pigs.  :smiley:

Maybe you can blame it on my English upbringing, but I always hold doors open, do the ordering & complaining… Always have, always will. Sometimes its appreciated, sometimes its not, but hey, I’ll always try!

Is it Chivalry though? I dunno, possibly manners or something… !

  /ˈʃɪvÉ™lri/  [shiv-uhl-ree]
–noun, plural -ries for 6.

  1. the sum of the ideal qualifications of a knight, including courtesy, generosity, valor, and dexterity in arms.
  2. the rules and customs of medieval knighthood.
  3. the medieval system or institution of knighthood.
  4. a group of knights.
  5. gallant warriors or gentlemen: fair ladies and noble chivalry.
  6. Archaic. a chivalrous act; gallant deed.

Invading Palestine and killing anybody who doesn’t convert to your religion, that’s Chivalry!

I think you guys are all using a fairly shallow definition of chivalry.

Holding doors, standing up from the table, taking your hat off, that’s etiquette, not chivalry. It’s lip service.

Being generous and self-sacrificing without expecting recognition or payment, that’s chivalrous.

Quite right, Sir Eso!

From Wikipedia:
Chivalry[1] is a term related to the medieval institution of knighthood. It is usually associated with ideals of knightly virtues, honor and courtly love.

We were discussing just this last night while sitting around the round table.

Smacking an ass and calling it “Nice!” There has got to be some chivalry in that.

Kill a man and your a murderer, kill many and your a conqueror, kill them all and your a God!

We were discussing just this last night while sitting around the round table.[/quote]

I don’t know why, but that really made me laugh.

Anyway, who’s with me?  We need a new Crusade, in keeping with our chivalry, but the whole invade Palestine thing is soooo overdone.  Anybody have any ideas for another Crusade?

Maybe chivalry isn’t dead, but just rare. And maybe the chivalrous men in this forum could teach the non chivalrous men of the world, or at least this city, a lesson…

That can be your crusade.

Well no one really likes Quebec do they?