Is Chivalry dead?

Join Bhundar the Munificent in his XVIX No Frills Crusade!
See the World while you slaughter and pillage the Heathen.

Footmen, cooks, mechanics: $9.00 - $9.30 an hour*
Footsoldiers, artillerymen, cavalry: $9.80 - $11.00 an hour*
Officers and HQ staff: $15.00 - $15.50 an hour*
Medical and dental after 12 months continuos service

*less food, accomodation and travel costs

Yes, a new crusade would be great. Doesn’t matter to where, just as long as the Queen calls all knights into service so that Gandalf and Dumbledore can lead the charge.

So, I’m thinking that the ideal qualifications of a knight are not exactly gender-specific, are they?

Imagine a society where ALL people are courteous, generous, strong, courageous and skilled.

Of course, then there would be no need for a crusade. Unless we use this definition of crusade…“any vigorous, aggressive movement for the defense or advancement of an idea, cause, etc”

In which case - let’s don our baldrics & greaves and heft our shields to stamp out inconsiderate, hurtful and self-serving behaviour that we all witness every day!!

Hear hear…

PS, I already do.

How about reviving “romantic love” as it was practiced then. Romantic love was never to be consumated.

Wait, maybe not. I think they call it stalking now.