Iran protesters take to streets in 'mourning' march

I truly hope that democracy prevails in Iran. 

[quote] TEHRAN, Iran (CNN)  – Clad in black for mourning, Iranians took to the streets Thursday to protest last week’s presidential vote and grieve for those who died in post-election violence.
Mir Hossein Moussavi addresses supporters Monday in Tehran, Iran. He’s called for a massive march Thursday.

Iran protesters take to streets in ‘mourning’ march

Learning about Iran democracy from CNN, ROFL!!!

In all seriousness, if we can accept that a non-secular state could even be a democracy, what did you actually mean by your statement " I truly hope that democracy prevails in Iran."? Seems pretty ambiguous.

The fact that the can protest without all of them being jailed or murdered shows they have some sort of rights.

Exactly.  Well-said.  My fervent hope is that the people of Iran will eventually have the democratic right to freely elect the candidate of their choice.

The supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, today announced that the election results are genuine and not the result of vote rigging.

Iran’s supreme leader defends election

Well that settles that, okay all you people in the streets go back home now, dont’ you be coming out for another thirty years now. … le1187925/

It’s probably hard to accept that Ahmedinejad could get a majority vote when most “westerners” get their info on Iran from western media.  I am in no way endorsing Iran’s version of “democracy” or Ahmedinejad, but it does not surprise me in the least that Ahmedinejad could easily get a large majority vote in Iran. He has been very successful.

It especially helps when you control the two government tv stations and your opponent can’t even get his face on the screen.

I loved the screen captures that showed how during the counting of the ballots, one of the candidates was losing votes, instead of gaining them…  Funny stuff.  It’s like they didn’t realize that TiVo existed, so let’s just blatantly remove votes from this guy, nobody will notice. … 158/742270

You might want to talk to NBC’s Brokaw about how media can make mistakes during elections. At least before you come to the conclusion that a conspiracy occurred based on one loose example. To paraphrase Brokaw “We don’t just have egg on our face, we have an omelet on our suits.”

Certainly it can be stated that the media makes mistakes.  No argument from me on that one.

At the moment the Iran government is starting to mobilze and prevent people from protesting the results of the election.

Police block protest site in Tehran, witness says

Of course the media will make mistakes, especially in an era of the instantaneous need to feed the machine. However, when the government can control access as is the case in Iran at the moment, you have to believe that  even if a small percentage of the details seeping out from that blackout is true, then something huge is happening.

It seems to me anyways that the results were never properly accounted for, hell they announced the winner even before they had finished counting the ballots and with such a huge majority as to be suspicious, especially in the part of the country that Mousavi is from where he lost the count badly. 

I particularly found it kind of humorous during the Ayatollah’s speech that he said “we would not cheat”, I don’t think that he has had a great deal of success in selling that talking point so far. … .stm 

The whole thing doesn’t pass the smell test as they say, whether BBC, CBC, CNN, Fox or any other network has access or not.

On a different note, nice to see that Canada has joined the ranks of the “Great Satans”, the Iranian government has accused us of meddling… guess they’re still a little annoyed about that embassy thing way back in the early days of the Islamic Revolution…  Guess were off the ayatollah’s guest list for the Revolution Day celebrations. … story.html

The BBC has been following some of today’s developments with a suspicious eye as well, suggesting that agent provocateurs have perhaps been behind some of the more violent outbursts in order to justify a massive crackdown, a valid point one would imagine.

All in all, I think that the massive rallies of last week should be an indication that the people there may believe that something wrong has taken place,   

Maybe because they became violent.
You ever notice that the pictures of the protests in this media barrage only have few protesters in the picture?

Maybe. Or maybe not. I wouldn’t come to a conclusion personally.

LOL, Remember Brokaw? And who would of thought so many would have voted Republican, but they did. Maybe it is “suspicious” but it still doesn’t make me come to a final conclusion.

Massive rallies?  With a population of over 65 million people, I haven’t seen anything yet which I would call a massive rally. You would think after Mir Hossein Mousavi called for these massive rallies alot more people would have shown up.
I have no doubt “agent provocateurs” have been disruptive in this process. It’s what the C.I.A. excels at.  There is precedence and the U.S. is currently in a silent war with Iran.  The irony being that it was calling a moderate Iran an “axis of evil” which put the current provocative leader in power in the first place. Seems the U.S. has a habit of creating it own problems (OBL).

From reports in Iran of today’s protests and the ensuing violence … 90106.html

“All witnesses spoke on condition of anonymity because they feared government reprisals. Iranian authorities have placed strict limits on the ability of foreign media to cover events, banning reporting from the street and allowing only phone interviews and information from officials sources such as state TV.”

And now my favourite part of the story linked above…

“Text messaging has not been working in Iran since last week, and cell phone service in Tehran is frequently down.”

Oh just another day for CityWest, but hey if revolution comes to our Podunkian streets it’s nice to know that CityWest will have that part of the crackdown already fully implemented. :imp:

So no real evidence of election tampering so far. Can we all agree?

Some of the polls showed more than 100% turnout. … on-rigging

But what would you accept as “evidence of election tampering” ?  If a newspaper report isn’t going to convince you, what would?  Clearly any “evidence” we can present on HTMF would be challenged.

Likely nothing short of admission. That is my point. When one considers how important it is for the US to have a more US friendly leadership and understanding how the US achieves their objectives in these matters (lots of prior examples), one should understand that what they read and see through the media in these matters cannot be trusted as factual. The US is at war with Iran. Iran switching off the petro-dollar (US) to the Euro has had a very bad impact on the value of the US dollar. A weapon that threatens the US dollar’s status of the Petro-Dollar and Global Reserve Currency. The trials and tribulations of fiat currency.

Ok, so you’re saying that there’s no evidence of any election tampering, and that the only evidence you’d accept would be an admission.  Fair enough.

So let’s have your evidence that the US is behind this.  Nothing short of an admission will be accepted, of course. :smile:

Well Obama admits US involvement in 1953 Iran coup. … 6WazPmIZqw

There is precedence of past interference. Certainly very likely it is happening now that Iran poses a very serious economic threat to U.S.