Apple announced their tablet today.  $499 US starting price.

The name is iPad, which sounds like how someone from New England pronounces iPod.

Looks pretty slick, who needs an Iphone when you can get a 3G Ipad. Well, it is kinda large to be packing around everywhere. I wonder if the battery life will be better than 4 hours of use?

Yes, battery life is longer - 10 hours.

I hope the 3G is unlocked too.

Yup, 3G is unlocked.  Should work fine with a Rogers, Bell or Telus SIM.  All of which we have in Rupert.  They’re promoting it with a pre-pay plan in the US, but any GSM or HSPA carrier should work.

That means it won’t work with Citywest, unfortunately.  But I’m not sure you really need the mobile data unless you travel a lot.  There’s wifi everywhere anyway.

About the same price as an unlocked iPhone.  

Ah too bad, the youtube video of MadTV’s iPad sketch has been taken offline.  It was funny.  The iPad was the feminine hygiene product with a USB connection.

edit: found it:

Commence the iTampon jokes… :stuck_out_tongue:

I always suspected Steve Jobs had a vagina.

Not sure why anyone would want one of these.  You still can’t upgrade the memory, you can’t replace the battery yourself, there’s no camera, no flash support, in the U.S. you’re still stuck with AT&T, same old interface, no USB port, and all that for a price you could get a decent laptop with that can do a lot more.

My son is very contemptuous of this release, this from the kid who wanted a iPod Touch for his birthday next week, after doing a lot of this-  :unamused: - when I got mine this fall.


For users who want to relax on the couch, browse the internet, do some reading or send a short email without having a laptop crowding their lap, this might work quite well. I like the portability of my Touch but would consider something like this when my PC becomes just a place to store photos in,etc. I don’t want a camera (I already carry around a good digital one anyhow) and I don’t plan on getting a cell phone either but I would want as much speed and storage as possible simply because I can see this being the unit I would use for tv shows, etc when the rest of the family are hogging the big screen tv. 

it’s unlocked. You can use any carrier you want.

Same old interface?  Old?  Seriously ignorant.

All the other stuff is the same old stuff you said about the iPod touch and iPhone.  How many people ended up wanting those?

It’s a consumer product, not a computer. How many kindles sold for $450?   

You getting one MiG?  If it has 3G does that mean you can make phone calls with it, or will it only be 3G data?

Link of where it says it’s unlocked and you can use it with any carrier you want?

Yes, same old interface used in ipod touch and iphone.  Bigger screen doesn’t mean better interface.

Exactly my point.  Apple isn’t exactly being innovative with this product.  Just because people wanted those, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be happier being able to upgrade memory and replace batteries on their own.  If the battery dies, you’re stuck with either buying a new one or sending it into Apple to replace.  Not very customer friendly.

Yea let stupid people pay that much for a kindle when you can get a low end laptop or decent netbook for the same price that can do a lot more.

Oh, $499 is also the price for the 16GB model which will probably be the cheapest one.  I’ll hate to see how much a 32GB or 64GB one will be.  Stick with getting a laptop or computer.  More bang for the buck.

32GB = $600
64GB = $700

Yea I just read that and read that it will be unlocked to all carriers but only if you get a 3G capable one which will cost another $130.


Ok, so I’m sure you wouldn’t buy a PC with a 24" display, because you’d want a different interface than the PC with a 17" display, right?

If the Apple multi-touch interface is “old,” and you list that as a reason that nobody would want it, then surely you wouldn’t tell people to buy a netbook with a 25-year old interface, would you?

Apple has demonstrated than people would rather have longer battery life than a replaceable battery. 

You’re comparing the Kindle (and iPad) to a laptop or netbook.  They are neither.  Using your logic, nobody should buy a laptop or notebook, because they could buy a cheap desktop for even less money.

The iPad (and Kindle and all the others) are consumer electronics.  Like the iPod, etc.  They’re not meant to be computers, and you make the same mistake of comparing them to computers all the time.

You said that nobody would buy an iPhone for all the same reasons you’ve listed here.  You were wrong. 


You obviously didn’t read my post after that one.  It doesn’t matter though

I sure wouldn’t buy a PC based on the display alone.

Sorry, but a netbook can do more things than the ipad and for less money.  The interface is old.  It’s the same one that comes with an ipod touch and the iphone.  For claiming this product will change the market, it sure isn’t very innovative.  It’s just an oversized ipod touch.

You can have long battery life and have it be replaceable too or are you really telling me you don’t want the convenience of being able to replace the battery yourself if it fails?

No, I’m saying you shouldn’t buy those those things when you could buy a desktop, laptop, or netbook for less money and be able to do the same things and more with them.

They are portable computers and calling them consumer electronics is just another spin word used to disguise products that are overpriced and can do less things than a similiarly priced or cheaper priced laptop.

I never said nobody would buy one.  I said they shouldn’t buy one.  

Look Mig, I know you’re a huge Apple fanboy and you pretty much buy every single over hyped product they put on the market and will probably buy this one too, but you seriously can’t tell me that it’s worth spending $500+ (for the low end product) on something that is pretty much an oversized ipod touch and lacking several key features that Apple should have included in their products by now.

You’re still saying the interface is old, and it’s a reason you’re “not sure why anyone would want one of these.”

Yet you still keep saying that the alternative is to buy a netbook?  Which netbook has a newer interface than the Apple multitouch interface?

Again, this isn’t a laptop.

Do you tell people not to buy a TV because they can get a netbook cheaper, with more features?  

I like that you have to resort to a personal attack, that really says more than anything else you wrote. 

I like it, but I’ll wait for version 2.
Let the fanboys be the beta testers.  Look at the first iphone.  I wouldn’t buy the first version of anything.

[quote=“Average Joe”]
I like it, but I’ll wait for version 2.
Let the fanboys be the beta testers.  Look at the first iphone.  I wouldn’t buy the first version of anything.[/quote]

My wife still has the first iPhone.  Works great, runs the latest software.  The battery is still fine, too. 

The iPad would probably be better for people with larger, less nimble fingers who would have trouble using the ipod touch.

I have to say, I have a blackberry and use it all the time but at home I use my ipod touch a lot and sometimes wish it was bigger. 

I could see using the ipad at the couch rather than the laptop just cause its less to balance.

Obviously if you’re strapped for cash then a laptop could be a great compromise between all the elements we’re looking at.