Is the internet like … 56k slow today???

I can barely load up pages… Facebook refuses to load up at all, HTMF took like a 1 minute to load up…

All of my bookmarks are like this.

Rebooted my Linksys WRT54GL numerous times (it isn’t that), besides it’s hacked so it’s going strong still…

I can’t even load up to complain at how fast it’s actually going…

Hmm, phone call to citywest??

Getting the same here. I think Citywest needs defragging!

I’ve also got three wireless clients that are experiencing the same symptoms :'(

My friend was saying the line got cut down south, and they lost over half of their bandwidth or something. I tried calling citywest, but I got sick of waiting for an operator to answer. So it’s slow everywhere, east side, west side…

BTW they have people working on it apparently.

[quote=“AndrewMorgan444”]Is the internet like … 56k slow today???

Thanks for this post. Yep. My Internet connection is terrible today as well.

Comparing Rogers:

and Telus:

Citywest Cable:

Telus 1-Meg DSL (my backup): … r_mainland

"Due to a fibre break in the Lower Mainland, CityWest Internet customers have been experiencing slower Internet speeds.

Technicians are working on repairing the fibre break and CityWest has been advised that regular Internet service should be restored soon.

Thank you."

3 out 4 of them are working just fine. I guess they aren’t routed through “The Lower Mainland” ?

“Telus working to restore Internet service in downtown Vancouver” … story.html

"Telus is working this evening and weekend to restore service to a few thousand customers, mostly with high-speed Internet service, in the downtown area of Vancouver.

At about 1 p.m. Friday, a construction crew drove rebar through an armored underground TELUS cable at Kingsway and Commercial."

thought you were a computer guy? If you want to speed it up a little bit change the dns on your router

seems to be the one of choice and secondary

What does a DNS lookup have to do with throughput? And how do you know I’m not using openDNS already?

In most cases, by the way, openDNS is actually slower to look up addresses than your ISP’s local server. If the site you’re trying to load uses geographic caching or a content distribution network, using openDNS servers might work against you. Instead of loading the local youtube cache in Vancouver, you might end up loading one in Toronto.

This guy explains why using a third-party DNS is sometimes not a great idea: … rformance/

So yeah, there are many reasons to use openDNS, but speed isn’t necessarily one of them.

LOL dude your high strung…pretty much reaching at straws when faced with shitty west…the puter comment was to author as he seems to post up alot about puter parts…IF YOU have any ideas lemme have em…cuz i am getting just abit better than dial up now…maybe sat internet is the way to go? LMAO just no downloading

It’s a City wide occurrence of events, it’s almost impossible for a person to know EVERYTHING about the profession they’re in. I’ll admit I’m still learning, my Network+ course is this September.

Do you really think if I knew how to fix it, I would post here? As I said, it’s a City wide thing affecting everyone.

It was great waiting in line up at Subway today, their Interac Machine took 5 minutes to dial.


BTW - My router’s setup to do all this for me, when it comes to computers I am never behind.

Always two steps ahead, lols.

Still no difference.

now everyone is in the same boat no matter what ya think your skills are, myself included. oh yeah LMFAO…snickers…LOL

took me friggen minimum 15 mins to register here, confirm myself and bitch… i called citywest all day and complained and got nothing but the answering machine. no phone call back, no apology, no explanation… etc… i just called again, left a message and demanded a refund on my monthly bill… they bill me monthly on my internet/phone/cable… my internet is not working to my monthly charges, i want fees refunded, i will not pay HIGH SPEED INTERNET fees when i’m not receiving high speed internet and will call the umbudsman, my mla, and anybody else who will take my calls, i’m over charged as is and if they can’t preform i want a discount and a HUGE ONE, i can’t be a business man selling you something i can’t promise to give you daily for a month, why should citywest? I did phone and leave messages demanding a refund on my bill, why shouldn’t you? we pay for HIGH SPEED internet, we’re NOT getting HIGH SPEED internet, we are not at wrong!!! and WE SHOULDN’T PAY FOR IT

I can see that the repairs to the severed fiber optic cable have not happened yet. Hopefully this will be done today.


I can see that the repairs to the severed fiber optic cable have not happened yet. Hopefully this will be done today.[/quote]

Er isnt this internet thing like designed to route around damage and what not… perhaps a company that wants to charge leased line rates for their bandwidth should i dont know… invest in some sort of redundancy.

Personally I think the broken fiber is citywest attempting to place blame elsewhere as per usual whether it is in fact the cause or not. Regardless once again prince rupert citizens are not getting the service they pay for and subsidise with their tax dollars.

I only see in the Province that this is only affecting a neighbourhood in East Van, so how can this only affect that neighbourhood and Prince Rupert. Does anybody know how the internet is in Terrace? I don’t see any mention of the internet being affect anywhere else.

I also see that Telus has rerouted the traffic so that the area is not affected by the damage. … story.html

It sucked yesterday in Fort St. James, major problems with Telus’ DNS servers the over the last week.
I removed a site from our DNS server on the 18th. On the 29th Telus DNS still had mine cached and it caused some big problems. Website A would load fast, website B took forever or timed out.
Didn’t bother explaining it to people they don’t believe it anyway. Unmentioned ‘techie’ who earns 6X what I do replaced router after router insisting they were all ‘no good out of the box’. I let him go on wasting his companies money, fer fux sakes had to explain to him what ‘unable to resolve host name’ meant in the first place.
If you get CTV in Rupert you would have seen the pictures last night of the cable damage. If any tied Vancouver - Seattle your requests to Google, MSoft, Apple would’ve gone all the way to Toronto, into the States and back to the West Coast. Slower.
BTW Telus just got a billion dollar gov’t Internet handout. Did CityWest get so much as a nickel?

Just came back…errhhh good as it gets