Internet speeds

how’s everyone doing these days, mine’s been sucking forever it seems…

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

4500 Gigs @ $5 GB.  $22,500
45 x as much as the 2nd biggest sawmill here uses in a month.
Did they give you a free Dell for the honour of collecting your $30?

You just explained why the pipe in/out of Rupert is clogged.

naw, i only have  a 5 meg connection from citytel, they just plain dont have any spare bandwidth. my citytel modem goes down to 60k in the evenings, i fucking hate it. i gotta pull from sat. to get the rest

How much does it cost to pull down your data from sat?  Just curious:-)

Did you actually use 4.5TB in a month for a home connection? If you did, and there are any others out there consumong even close to that bandwith usage, would you swear it on an affadavit?
I’m not interested in your consumption, but if “Party X” charged wholesalers $23,000 for that amount of bandwidth use and sold directly to endusers for say $30 - $100 it would make one fuck of an “unfair competition suit” wouldn’t it?

Some one should write up a letter to the better Better Business Bureau , stating you guys are paying X Amount of dollars and getting  1/4 of x amount of bandwidth, Do any of you guys get discounted or pro-rated billing ?

I think that Greg from CityWest once sent us an e-mail announcing that we would receive a discount for one month when the Internet really sucked here in PR.
No, I don’t think we’ve received a pro-rated, discounted bill in quite some time.

Time to bitch :smile: or start writing some letters.

hehe easy now tonto, as i stated, you must have missed it " my citytel modem goes down to 60k in the evenings, i hate it". your not supposed to look at my transfer totals, those are bullshit, most of that is just traffic in my local lan, i use a type of ftp so i can access it anywhere and get the whole lan, so most of what you see in the totals  is just local traffic in my house. lol . your supposed to look at the meter in the right bottom corner, see that shitty 190k? i have to use an expensive sat just to suppliment my downloads cause citytel say “it will fixed in two weeks”, i hear that every two weeks for three years. mine sucks too, thats why i bucked up for a second connection.

Yes, but atl east you have a nice job to help pay for the connection, i have heard from Jim, that John just did the same thing, but instead of keeping SHITTY tell, he ditched them altogether.

jim never tells the truth.


Aiyee…you had me going.!
I did have a kid that used 650 GB and cost me $3250 in wholesale bw cost. His Dad said he had the “right to” and wasn’t gonna pay an extra nickel in spite of his contract, told me to fuck off.
His wife was a little shocked to find me petting the doberman while I chopped the radio off their house with bolt-cutters a few days later.
Dad came storming into the office next day because the contract and the sticker on the radio that siad “This is leased equipment is property of…” meant shit and he ‘bought it’ so I stole it and yada yada. The nice policeman explained to him they don’t get involved in business matters.
That was about 120 days ago, so soon he can lay his sob story on the nasty collection agent too.

Funny how I was legally responisble for my kids’ food, clothing, shelter and medicine until they were 19 even after they moved out, but some parent’s think they’re not responsible for what their kid does in his bedroom at home.

That’s just as buying yuor kida  cell phone,

My favorite is at work,

Single Mom buys her 13 year old CHAT monkey a cell phone, neglects to have the “UNLIMITED” text messaging feature on her account ( family time 1500 )  with the Unlimited text fee of 19.95 for up to 5 lines per account, Now she gets the bill at the end of the month to see that her daughter used 

3657 Sent Text mesages $548.55
4368  Recieved Text Mesages $655.20
with a grand total of $1203.75

At the first she said well i didn’t want text messaging and i told you guys i didn’t want it, yet we tell every customer when adding a line etc etc that we cannot block or stop it, as with GSM phones its the main portal to the phone to update firmware and do updates etc etc and for 911 to see where the phone is by bouncing messages to the phone.

well she was bent sideways when we told her THESE are valid charges, pretty pissed off customer as we told her younger kids love text messaging and its only 20$  BUT NOPE they are all NOT smart and always say NAW i don’t need it my child won’t use that.


650 gig? thats nothing, i wouldnt pay it either. the judge will side with them, they will claim ignorance and it will work. that same type of thing used to happen alot with those phone sex lines, kids would ring up 40k in phone sex, they threaten to take the parents house if they dont pay. getting off subject i saw an article in the sun about this phone sex worker who had carpel tunnel syndrome from diddling herself for 18 years as a phone sex worker, fuking wcb gave her 250k retro, LOL i couldnt believe my eyes. back to the modem,
    they shouldnt be able to do that, after a certain amount it should cut them down to like 5kbps till the reason is discovered to prevent that very thing. could you amagine, yer kid decides to download the entire e empornium  and your bill comes in at twenty gran? you’d tell them to get fucked too, you’d have to.

650 gig? thats nothing, i wouldnt pay it either. the judge will side with them, they will claim ignorance and it will work. [/quote]

Oh yeah. It sure sounds like you know what you’re talking about.  :unamused:

Smarter Than you.!

Smarter Than you.![/quote]

I don’t need to be smart to know that he’s full of it.

I can relate. I didn’t know until I got the phone bill that my daughter was chatting LD all night long, skipping school and chatting daytime LD with a friend in PG. It cost me $60 a month to have a toll restricted line and took 2 years to pay down that $1200 bill.
As far as ignorance, they are ignorant, they all claim that even after the contract is explained out when they sign it, when the sticker on the radio that says it’s leased is explained out, when they are warned about overuse the month before. Every fucking one pulls the ‘I didn’t know’. It doesn’t work.
Just like no one ever knows you can’t run a server on a residential service, or that P2P is a server.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse.  Why don’t more people get that??