Internet speed

anyone’s elses speed take a major drop from 5 megs to 1 meg these last few days at night? in the morning it goes back to 5 megs

i never get more than 1.5  and i pay $34.99 for internet with full hd cable prety bunk i think its a rip-off

You’re might be the target of bandwidth throttling by Citywest.

Call them and ask if this is the case.  If it is the case, then complain to the CRTC.

I have the same problem, it is pretty rediculous when I go online at 5 or 6 a.m. after work and download some files and they go at 500kb/s and then at between 8a.m.-2a.m. it slows down to about 1.4mb on speed

between 2a.m. and 5a.m. youtube videos don’t load up. haha I wish the speeds were a little better at normal hours, after work I usually just quickly check emails and head to sleep.

when I wake up I’d much rather click a link and have it load up instead of getting a “Page cannot be Displayed” or Check DNS settings or w/e it says. 

after clicking a youtube link that a friend sent my about 10 minutes ago, it is almost fully loaded.

not bad service I’d say, haha along with the random discoonections, being signed in and out of MSN every 2 or 3 minutes gets annoying.

Why are they doing this?

[quote=“ForTheLoveOfPuck!”]Why are they doing this?

You’d have to ask them.  In my opinion, they are doing it because they don’t want to increase the capacity of the network.

Seriously, call them and ask them if they are throttling you. 

If they are, complain to the CRTC. 

they told me that  they only throttle people that are downloading terrabytes of info at a time hence 99 % of us should never get throttled because we barely download anything maybe 5 gb a month max 

they also said about a month ago that they were trying to fix the low bandwidth but its still crap

im going to have  to get them to change my modem i think its on the crapper and has been for 6 months and they prety much refuse to swap it i wan to boycott city west  so fuck em

Just bit below what it should be for me.

How awesome is it that for some Citywest customers, internet access is worse now than it was 10 years ago?  That’s probably not a statement you could make about any other ISP in Canada.

Awesome indeed!  :evil:  My speeds are fast in the early morning then they die in the afternoon.

Ah but they are  becoming one of the largest property owners across Northwest BC … timat_bc_0

It really is about the priorities isn’t it

Expanding to Kitimat?  Building a fibre link to there?  Buying property in Kitimat? 

I think I’ll leave this one to someone else to take on! 

I wish that would spend some money improving the internet speed here in Rupert…
There won’t be anyone in Kitimat anyway…  Kitimat will have 2 ISPs telus and citywest we are still stuck with one… 

to chicago where most game servers are

to vancouver

and by 8pm it drops even more, get about 1.5megs to vancouver and under .8 megs to chicago servers then in the morning speeds to both are back to normal around 4.5megs

Meh Ajaye has convinced me the sun shines brightly on all decisions made by our fearless Civic leaders and their drones. :wink: 

BTW, I’ve also decided I like paying some of the highest taxes in BC so we can ignore typical civic areas like roads, water, sewer in favour of using tax dollars to compete with public companies in an industry that few of our elected officials have a clue about. 



$60 a month for that. Criminal I think.
$29.99 a month
I pay 39.99/ month

Not to fan the flames too much, but I’m feeling disgruntled at the speed of the downloads for which I actually want…rather than getting all the speed using protocols and programs I just don’t give a shit about…

And this is what it’s like when you run a program with traffic they don’t throttle (which is rare):

I bet most people don’t see sustained 400-700KB downloads. So don’t belive the hype - your measly two pair phone line can support the speed - they just won’t give it to you.

this is 9a.m., usually about the time when it slows right down and is almost none existant.  between the hours of 5a.m. and now it’s usually at it’s fastest, and i’ve downloaded a few programs or files at over 500kb/s but that’s something that’s extremely rare.

$49.95 a month