Internet Service Provider Discussion

When I moved over to SmartHUB during the fiber break fiasco which caused me to cancel CityWest services, they tried nailing me $150 for an un-returned modem. Luckily I caught them on it, and they removed the modem fee. In short, I won’t be using their services again. Just a shame that between Vanderhoof and the Hazeltons, there is no other alternative.

You know that’s cell based, eh?
And if there’s an emergency or power outage internet gets throttled to maintain emergency links like 911. By LAW.
So next ‘fiasco’ like a forest fire, active shooter. landslide, flood, avalanche or asteroid impact, it will be hard to send that important picture of the kid planting his face in the birthday cake to your friends, right?

Well aware that is based on LTE. However, it has stayed up longer than CityWest services in a yearly period of time. I also prefer to stick to a company that owns its own infrastructure, and does not need to send tickets to the bandwidth provider.

True dat! But even though they owned that fiber, they couldn’t fix it any faster.
They did have many alternate routes though. It would take a minute to establish one, then work fine.
CityWest customers here were griping too.
The Hubs just aren’t popular here, a history of spectacular failures in the pre-LTE era with overselling and incredible price gouging.
Couple times when the grandkids were here and the DSL line was slurped up, I’d set the iPhone hotspot and use it to do something. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!
But I’ve down that during town wide power outages, and it wasn’t so good.

All Internet providers use BGP. What sets them apart is the willingness to pay for better peering. In this case, the backup peering agreement was slower compared to their primary peering provider. This doesn’t happen as much with an ILEC like TELUS.

When I ran my WISP I had a top grade connection. I was only “out” for maybe 10 minutes in a decade.
It was very, very, very expensive. Fun to download every new Linux distro in a couple minutes though. Now my daughter in PG pays $100 a month for 700X the speed that once cost us $5000 a month,

Well I’m nearly moved into my new place, and my Mikrotik router is working really with TELUS PureFibre. It’s just a little hEX S with an SFP cage. I opted for the SFP install. Speed test on was 1 Gbps down and 790 Mbps up. RouterOS 7.1 definitely optimized the routing tables. Max 30% utilization on the download test.

Anyways, best to stop derailing as the CityWest issue has been resolved. I think we can nip this one in the butt.