Inlander on fire again

The Inlander is on fire once again, Fire and Police arrived on the scene about 715pm, it looks like it had been burning for a bit as the fire had reached the roof with embers starting to drift over second avenue/

Downtown revitalization project?  :imp:

wife is going to get pictures now.

gee i wonder if it was arson

I was just down there and it’s quite a mardi gras type atmosphere. There are so many LCD screens the fire is almost muted by comparison.

Wish I had a good camera…

Hey look, it’s that fire truck that the Mayor wants to get rid of, guess they still might find some use for it after all eh…

a birds eye view pic i snapped.

now where are all the stray cats gonna go? just hope it doesnt spark the long shore hall or highliner etc. heres to hoping the thing is finally gone. and  safely

At least it actually made it to a fire this time. :imp:

wonder if this will be considered news type material by the Daily News.

I don’t know … is it good news or bad news?

Good news if no one gets hurt  not so good if some one does. It is an eyesore though. The people that lived there lived in very bad conditions. Not good for them hopefully they can find a better place to live.

Some photos …  was at work at the time, grabbed a camera.

Oh, and some guy named Peter predicted the fire with his psychic powers.

heres some more



Economic Stimulus Plan for Prince Rupert?
I swear that a few businesses are doing very well tonight. Maybe the mayor and council should consider burning a couple more derelict buildings on alternate nights.

Love the community spirit,  when someone has a crisis we all come together to help. What a bunch of vultures…

good post …the daily snooze sounds like it will turn into a …a …PRC publication…make it seem like rupert is a great place and never report any ill will…i remember the days when guys like ian lawerence reported ther a and got his ass sued for several stories around town…he still believed in publishing a good story.
Sales was up…advertising was up…now its a fluffy rag reporting on all thats good around us…fogging us.
Just like publications of old…IE: pr weekly…pr insider…northern view.
Publishers are too afraid.
They know if you want news …HTMF is the place to go!!..or my respected poster the Podunk has all the new one would need to know

a little suspecious now

Dont call the kettle black my friend…you dont like what you see…then you have alternatives.