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I heard a rumour that “We’re here for a good time” (Trooper) was written about Prince Rupert.  Has anyone else heard this?  If so, can you find me some “proof”?  I’ve been googling like crazy, but can’t find anything.  Thanks

Yes, as far as I know it is true. My uncle informed me that Trooper wrote it on a fishing boat. I think its pretty awesome!

Ah one of the great debate topics on htmf…

read along from past explorations of the topic’ … 241.0.html

I think we ended up discovering that it was just folklore and that it wasn’t written about Rupert.

But it’s such a nice story, so why not keep this piece of folklore alive!

Okay, I went through the whole thread, and now that I think about it, I think the “rumour” I had originally heard was from that video you guys were talking about.

The story is true, this is a fact as I knew the people involved in the boat trip. Any old school party animals will remember the cotton street gang and their wild parties, and that the parties were held in an upstairs of a two story building, well the couple that lived in the downstairs owned the boat that the song/story is about. I know for a fact some of the people who went out on the boat with them still live in rupert, maybe they will see this and fill in the details, the boys in trooper just came to a wild party and ended up on the boat, back then it was liquor in excesses you woulnt believe, they dont let people party like that anymore…hehe.

BubbaSteve knows the story … where are you bubba? Your Dad must have told the story a hundred times at least …

That party house is still there. It was the subject of a discussion at City Council some time ago on whether or not to order the owner to tear it down. I recall that the owner was given time to come up with a time line for repairs. That was quite a while ago and it appears that nothing has been done with the house. It looks like it may tear itself down one of these days. Now it has the added touch of an old boat in the yard. The owners of the new house next door must love that!

I hope it’s true-it’s the one song that whenever I hear it, makes me think of all the good times I did have up in Rupert!


They did write a song about Prince Rupert, but it’s not “We’re here for a good time” – that’s about Vancouver.  The Prince Rupert one is called “Santa Maria” which is about the drunken cruise.

Ra McGuire’s flickr photostream:

        Surprise, Surprise, now that sounds like how a Rupert story would go… :wink:

Bubba does know.  :smiley:

Mig is right. I emailed trooper a few years back, I wish I had kept that email. I also stood in line for an autograph the last time they were in town and asked the lead singer.  Santa Maria was indeed written about Prince Rupert, it was about a trip they took on Paddy Greene’s boat. Where they were all drunk, including the captian… Well you know how the song goes.

Here for a good time, was written in Vancouver, simply because they needed a few more tracks for their new album. It was NOT written about Here. As much as we would all like to think that.

:unamused: Dunno how many times I have to tell that story. Usually people argue with me. Hopefully not this time.

Trooper was the house band at the Rupert Hotel in the early 70’s, I’m not sure but I think they had a different name,

They were called Applejack

You must be really old!!!


maybe triple bypass will be ruperts next breakthrough house band?

They would be, if they wrote music and didn’t just do covers.

Don’t think I’m knocking them either, I love to listen to them.

Okay I loved Apple Jack and FYI I am not OLD! ( at least by my standards and the age of my kids haha)

I believe the 80’s rock group “Cinderella” started off here in Rupert. :neutral_face: