I need some community input/direction with this one

This incident has me completely upset and confused.  I’m sure any of you who have gone to Tim Hortons during various times of the day or night have noticed “Donald”.  He is always laughing with people who enjoy his humour and while many would find it to be childish, I find myself giggling from time to time.  He use to ask me (and just about everyone else) for a ride home, at least when he was residing on the cusp of Park Avenue.

Anyway, here’s my problem.  Last night, while out a Tim Hortons, I witnessed another male touching Donald in a manner I perceive to be extremely inappropriate by a guy wearing a baseball cap I will never forget.  If Donald was a child, I would definitely be filing a police report for child exploitation, no hesitation.  But the question and confusion I have is, Donald, even though he may have the mind of perhaps a 8 or 9 year old, is an adult, and while he may not know what is right or wrong, was still handled in a fashion which anyone else would deem inappropriate.  The incident was approximately 30 minutes and it left me completely sick to my stomach.

Does anyone know whom I may contact who cares or looks after the well-being of Donald?  You can contact me personally by sending me a private message.  Also, if the board owner deems fit to forward this post along with any or all of my particulars to the appropriate authorities, I will oblige that doing.  I’m just absolutely sick to my stomach over this still today. :frowning:

Please help.

Id call the RCMP and ask what you should do. Poor guy, he is so friendly.

Go see the police. Let them worry about who to notify. Do it sooner rather than later. Think of it this way. If this person is doing something to Donald, who ELSE is he doing stuff too. The police will want to know about this.

Oh and the next time you witness something like this? Call the police. Don’t sit there for 30 minutes wondering if you should.

Gee Mike, could you be any more sensitive?

The entire incident was about 30 minutes, but it had taken that long to realize exactly what the ballcap guy was doing.  In fact, I didn’t even notice anything wrong until the friend I was sitting with had a look about her face that warranted me to query her.  Which I did.  She motion over to Donald and the guy and I still didn’t understand or see anything.  Then I looked again and was just as shocked.  I did contemplate calling the police at the time with my celphone, but then Donald got up and left through the side door heading toward the rear of Timmies and the ballcap guy walked out the front door and too headed to the rear of Timmies.  We even spoke about the police probably wouldn’t do anything because of their ages (both adults).  When I drove off, the ballcap guy was sitting against the building facing the Coast Hotel and Donald was already walking east alongside the Pride of the North.

But I will.  Within the hour, I will have spoken to the RCMP and relayed what I had seen.

That incident sounds like abuse to me.  Yes, I think it is warranted to phone the RCMP. 

Yes I would notify the RCMP office and have an officer attend to your needs and what you witnessed .The person toalso contact would be Joe Vicount who it the one in charge of Fairview Management . Donald is an adult age wise but also very much like a child . Good luck in your next move . There are so many of these individuals who someone may hit on .

Definitly go to Fairveiw management as DOnald legal is an adult in age but more like a child in all other aspects and i dont think knew or understoud what the guy was doing, Now if that was me seeing that i would have gone over to the guy and told him to move on and leave donald alone or got a manager from Timmy’s and told them

But do remember that if you fill out some forms or do any paperwork, Please do not spell anything like FrescaBaby . I would assit you if you wish to address this any further .

Yes, you definitely should contact both the RCMP and Joe and let them know that there is a possible predator amongst us.  If this person is bold enough to do something in public, what might happen behind closed doors.  People like Donald need our support.

I’m back from the RCMP.  I reported the incident and they took a statement (in great length).  As anticipated, their hands are tied because of Donald’s age.  Not just one officer confirmed this, but two whom I was speaking with.  However, they said they will investigate the matter (and this is the part that doesn’t sit well with me) they will talk to Donald and if Donald says the incident was inappropriate to him, then they can proceed further.  Its very scary to know that those who are ‘challenged’ in society can be easily stripped of their dignity in a way which may seem like a fun game to them, and in my view, is exactly what had happened.

That is it then take it to Joe and if he passes it off about the age bullshit then it must be reported to the Mental Health People , Donald and his kind need the proper care and protection from us all . I take my hat off to you for going to the RCMP , if you wish to discuss this any further I can meet you at Tims tonight .

Gee Mike, could you be any more sensitive?[/quote]

I’m not surprised that the police have their hands tied. From your description of the incident it seems that if you had reacted a little more swiftly, the police could have at least caught him/charged him with performing a lewd act in public. That would have been something at least.

If you want sensitivity, go talk to your mother. If you want an opinion from the public, don’t complain about how it get’s delivered.

Hey Mike.  My mum died in 2002.  Go fuck yourself, you inconsiderate piece of trash.  I’m off this thread thanks to you.  Run it the way YOU SEEM FUCKING FIT.


i would have had a chat with that guy with the ball cap and let him know that if i see him anywhere near donald the police will be last of his worries. if he is being taken advantage of, and it sounds like he is maybe we as a community can approach this piece of shit and put a scare into him? if someone wants to point him out i  certainly will “have a word” with this maggot. now i certainly dont want to get myself in trouble, but i have a teenage son with autism, and just hearing this horrifies me. i dont think we should do nothing at, while donald is legal age, he certainly doesnt have the awareness that typically comes with age, my son doesnt either and as such he is very easy to manipulate. i would hope if that happened to him and i wasnt there to protect him the decent citizens of the community would.

You said it right Chris and once again I am with you on that move , to add to that this is the way the community should pull together on many other issues , if you know what I mean .

This must be a nightmare for any parent with a child with disabilities.  After a certain age you can no longer protect them yourself (unless they agree to let you protect them) and the RCMP’s hands are tied because they are legal age.  Why not consult Nathan Cullen our MP to see if a change of law is possible?

It is sad to see that people like the ball cap guy exist in communities.

I kind of wonder if Donald had been female, would the RCMP have handled it differently? Don’t be offended or anything, I’m just curious.

Hanspanka-- i know the feeling of losing a loved one my Dad died 2 yrs ago and it sitll hurts and eveytime somebody says somethign about my dad i scream and yell to, your allowed to hurt

I thought there was a law to deal with situations like this.  I think it’s called sexual exploitation of a mentally challenged person, or something like that.