I am looking for work and willing to relocate A.S.A.P

So i am planning on move to your town from Calgary as soon as possible and well I can’t find many jobs to apply to over the net. If anyone knows of any places hiring could you let me know please?


well the jobs here in Calgary are getting rediculous, they pay you minimum wage at $8.00 even in trade they start you at $15.00. its rediculous. I worked as a Security Manager for 3 years and watched the wage for my officers slowly go from 14.50 start to 9.00. then i got my salary cut from 4200 to 2800/mth. living costs are stupid. 1200 for a 2 bedroom apt. lol get the point now  :neutral_face: and well i miss the ocean.

what fucken calgary are you living in dude…grab a newspaper

Hey don’t get me wrong, there are jobs, that fuckin suck. By the way do you live here? cuz if ya do then hook me up with whatever constant spectacular job you got cuz any that call back change the actual wage or salary to lower than advertized. ooops welcome to calgary land of opertunities to work 24/7 no life and still not make enough to survive!! i found a 4 bedroom house for $800 there and one for a minimum of $1950 here, don’t make scense to me. and as I said i miss the ocean :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I’ve spent a fair bit of time in Calgary and it seems pretty easy to pick up a job.  I was working on the rigs so I was making considerably more than I could dream about making in Rupert but alas here I am soaking up some ocean air. 

If it’s money you want go work on the rigs.  10 000 + /month if you’re working steady.  It’s slow now though. 

yeah and just anybody can work on a rig … its all in who you know.  don’t come to rupert there’s FUCK ALL for jobs here.

Getting work on rigs is generally really easy. 

There are jobs in Rupert.  Not like Alberta though. 

Is that sarcasm? All you need to work on a rig is a pulse, no offence Transend. You know what I mean. Oilfield jobs, labor related or not are easy to find and pay very well. If you’re at all concerned about your current salary or wage in Calgary, I don’t think you’ll be very happy in Rupert, unless you can get a job in your field with the Port…

What do the mall security get paid at Rupert Square?

well calgary is just getting to be such a hassle, im underpaid and not satisfied with my current situations. i want to live in a peacfull place where i just work and go home… :smile:

No offense taken!  I completely agree. 

Peaceful?  Is there a lot of crime or other unwanted activity at your location?

I would say Rupert is fairly peaceful, depending on where you live. Just keep in mind that real estate has recently hit ridiculous high in the last 6 months or so. Calgary is a very expensive place to live, but so is Grande Prairie. I’ve got a crappy one bedroom suite without my own entrance and I’m paying just shy of $1000/mo. Rupert may not be as brutal, but you’ll more than likely earn less too. Don’t get me wrong, I love the place but I wouldn’t want to work there right now. It is nice that you can walk to and from work everyday, or ride your bike without worrying about getting run over.

In my eyes; Vancouver Island > Calgary > Grande Prairie > Prince Rupert  > East of Calgary.

Well I guess I can’t unload my business on you then :smiley:

Everytime I hit the checkout and use the debit card lately I find myself replying to the checkout girl (with my best George Carlin voice) : “Extra cash?  What a concept!”

The Hippy Dippy Weatherman rules. :sunglasses:

Cook/Janitor at PR Aboriginal Head Start, $12hr, email: prrjp@citytel.net

Auto Parts person; Sales Rep - Bytown Diesel Sales, Box 562 PR, V8J3R5

Administrative assistant, Port Corp. email: dcopperthwaite@rupertport.com

Heavy duty mechanic; Relief drivers - Storey’s Excavating, email: justdig@citytel.net

Customer service at Rona Building Centre 405 3rd Ave. East V8J 1K9

bartenders, cooks, Oceanview Hotel

Cook, Solly’s Pub, 624-2200

Front desk clerk, Highliner Inn, fax: 250-627-7759

Cook, Belmont Hotel, 624-9655

Bartenders, servers, cooks, Breakers Pub, 624-5990

Customer Service, Seasport Outboard Marina, 295 1st Ave. East

Digital Printers, need computer skills, 759 Fraser St.

Cooks, waiters, Pegleg’s #3-101 !st Ave. West

Maintenance supervisor; Electrician - Prince Rupert Grain, email: hr@prgrain.bc.ca

Also, you can call Chances Gaming Centre in Prince George at 1-877-614-9111 as they are opening a centre here soon (contsruction almost complete).

This is just from Friday’s daily newspaper. Of course, there are plenty of jobs in the fast food joints. There may be something in this list to get you started until something more to your liking comes up, or you’re fortunate enough to get one of the jobs associated with the container port or a spin-off job from it.

Good luck.

Poolboy he owes you a big thanks.

:smiley: thanks poolboy!

People please, there are jobs in Prince Rupert, most people might want to consider gettin off their fat round rumps, and go looking for work, yes that’s right, get out, and look for a job. Jobs don’t jus get served on a silver platter, one must prove themselves worthy of wanting to work… Let’s get real, there are probually more drunken people on the streets of Prince Rupert, as there are job seekers, and since I work in the downtown core, I get to see them all, either leanin against a building, or passed out on a set of stairs.  I have been here for a lil over 6years now, and I also live downtown. The work is there, all one needs, is the motivation to get out, and look for the jobs. People gripe that there is no work, because they plain, and simply don’t look for it.

The main gripe, I think,  is that there’s lots of trivial low paying jobs but few careers or high paying jobs to be had.