The Prince Rupert Daily News advertises “Shop at home” then fires the production staff & produces the paper from Fort St John.

Ah… I see.

Fires the production staff???!?!?!  WTF?
Where is the PODUNK ster when you need some info?

Is this why they have been having trouble getting it out on time since Friday?

Heard today that pressman has given 90 days notice, front counter lady has given notice, union negotiations not going well and strike could be coming…??

SOB’s.  Let the games begin.  BOYCOTT the snews.


The Daily News… shittiest paper… 8 years running (I think)

My daughter is a paper carrier and the papers were getting dropped late last Friday and yesterday, but today they were early at 3 pm.
How are they getting them here so quickly from Fort St. John?

LOL, the Podunkster is here, trying to find reliable information on the troubles as opposed to rampant speculation that seems to percolate around the place.

Have heard the rumblings of discontent from the Snoozle inner sanctums, though not much in the verification department as far as the status of the negotiation talks. 

Union neogtiations are always a tricky process especially in the world of ink and newsprint, that dinosaur of the information age where the jobs of yesterday may not be the jobs of today and certainly not of tomorrow.

It will be interesting to see how Glacier Press handles the growing rebellion of the underlings, past attempts at insurrection have always been greeted with an iron fist over the years when it was  a Sterling joint. And we’ve seen some signs in the past of the our way or the doorway atmosphere there, especially with the reporting staff eh…

Though one wonders with the rising cost of such an enterprise and the declining advertising base in the city, if they don’t throw out the old reduce the paper to a twice a week plan as one of their bargaining points. 

Shall see what we can find out…


Hmm, just noticed while browsing the editorial page that one of the backroom people has disappeared off the parade of smiling faces on column left, perhaps giving a measure of currency to the climate of trouble that seems to be making its way around town about the paper… 

Dammit PODUNK ster…are you in ka hutz with the snews?..Your making me go buy a paper to see whos missing.  And I havent bought one since my kids were in the paper last spring or so with their dance group.

I have had a tumultous relationship with the snews for many years.  Subscribing and cancelling about three times.
Currently I am with out.  Sometimes I dont even get the free wednesday paper delivered.

LOL, somehow I’m not surprised that they “overlook” your address, especially on the rainy nights of the week… :imp:

You all are nuts… Nuts I tells ya.


From the CEP (union) website, details of the negotiations province wide…

Bargaining News

October 7, 2008
Further bargaining dates have been set for Campbell River Courier-Islander and Nanaimo Daily News, visit our events page for details on these and other meetings taking place around the province.

October 2, 2008 - CEP Local 2000 members in four more B.C. locations voted strongly in favour of strike action this week. The votes were delivered by members in Nanaimo, Campbell River, Penticton and Kelowna.

This follows strong votes in the Kootenays, Peace River, Prince Rupert and Kamloops in recent weeks.

Votes have now been held in eleven cities covering eighteen certifications in B.C.
Union members voted very strongly in favour of strike action, if necessary, to get acceptable increases in wages and other improvements in their collective agreements.
Bargaining is next scheduled for the “Sterlingâ€

LOL, well you are the one of the conspiracy buffs on htmf, so perhaps check into things here, there’s definitely some undercurrent of labour trouble happening there… :sunglasses:

:stuck_out_tongue: THat was what the wink was for.

I already know what’s going on at the snewz.

Seems to be a global issue.  UNdermining labour groups.  Seem to be going back a hundred years.
Quite possible Bubba has an inside scoop?

The labour market is wide open for those who want work and are willing to bust their balls.

Oh its safe to say that bubba probably has a contact within the watchtowers of the paper.

To save you from walking to the Library to seek out further knowledge of the missing…

Friday’s paper featured the two employees featured as PRODUCTION on the left hand column, Trevor Kayzer and Ann Ferguson, today’s paper, has exorcised them from the page as well it seems from their positions (which also seem to have disappeared).

Which would seem to reinforce the impression that those jobs have been shifted to off site I guess…

Seems like its going to be a nasty little negotiating session if they eliminate positions during negotiations…

Guess this means I best do up a post for the blog, rather than leave all my good stuff here… :unamused:

Sounds to me like a complaint witht he labour relations wing of the provincial government should be filed.  Seems like the employer is not bargaining in good faith.

I was under the impression that Ann had quit or was taking a well deserved rest for her well being. That lady did many jobs and I for one will take my hat off to her.

I laughed at the ads they ran for a bit about shopping at home - in the one there was a photo under the text that was taken in a country where they drive on the other side of the road.  Hrm, yeah - ‘shop at home’.  I’ll see if I can dig it up out of my recycling bin.